Distant Echoes: Studio talk

Italian artist Distant Echoes has been working on his craft for nearly 20 years and, as a result, is now creating deep, intelligent grooves with production finesse. As co-founder of Out-Electronic Records (Out-ER), he has released music by artists such as Juan Atkins, Terrence Dixon and Orlando Voorn alongside his own records.

He has also released numerous times on Berlin imprint Dystopian Music with both solo and collaborative records, putting him in the same circle as Rødhad and Recondite.

With his Rough Waves EP recently out on Out-ER, we asked him to go through some of his vital studio machines and explain how and why they are important to him.


This gear really changed the way my tracks sound in clubs. I am now able to work on equalizations of very low frequency (kick decay, bass resonances), which are the most difficult frequencies to manage and they are very important especially in clubs. You’ve got to be careful since it is very strong, it can cause problems if you don’t have a room treated with absorbing materials.


It was love at first sight! I’ve never experienced such a versatile drum machine, it’s so powerful and flexible in terms of programming and sound shaping. It offers a very wide range of possibilities working in every style you like: loads of step functions, scenes and performances allow you to create ever-changing patterns in both in simple or complex ways.


Of course I use it for recording environmental sounds and field recordings, but its best use for me is to record sounds when I travel around the globe… sometimes sounds become a totally different thing and sometimes I use them in a simple way to keep them recognizable.


After loving the Rytm, I’ve followed up buying the A4, indeed it confirmed my love for Elektron’s gears. They can seem hard to get into at the beginning, tho. This one also has a lot of functions, LFO, Envelopes and parameters to shape the sound as you like. You can get many kinds of sounds, from basses to pads, leads, drums and every sound you can imagine. I find myself to use it also to control my modular with his 4 CV-outs.


I like to think at it like a “Moto Guzzi”, which means a cult object that has its own intrinsic value, due to the super-high quality of its components. This is the last arrived in my studio and I am patching it with external sequencers and modulators. Its range of sound is very wide, harmonics could sound super powerful if one manages to use it as it should.

Distant Echoes’ Rough Waves EP is out now via Out Electronic Records.

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