Demuja: Studio talk

Salzburg local Demjua has been locked away over the past five years crafting his unique take on soulful house, having released on Let’s Play House, TRAXX Underground and Shall Not Fade’s sub label Lost Palms. He returns fo MUJA for an album of varied style, venturing between influences of acid and hip hop.

His playful approach to production has resulted in many a success, so we thought we’d delve deeper and find out what goes on to create such works. Here, he runs us through his studio, revealing some production techniques and wise words in terms of creativity.


“First of all, It doesn’t matter what you use to make music. it’s the result which counts. Of course, it’s fun to play around with analog gear, but sometimes, it’s also nice to just sit on a seat, drink wine and turn around some knobs. What ever makes you feel good and creative, do it. And if it’s a messed up room, like mine, its fine 🙂

NI Maschine


As you might now, I use NI Maschine a lot, especially, when it comes to sampling. So, for example, I used it on my track ‘Hear That Bassplayer’ where I sampled an ‘The Isley Brothers’ track directly into the Maschine. Same with ‘Can’t Defeat feat. Anti-Lilly’ , where I also made the drums in the Maschine. I think the Maschine is a powerful controller for chopping and sampling, but as it’s just a usual digital controller, and the effects are pretty whack (for me), I’m still doing all the arrangement in logic! Hopefully they upgrade them a little with the MK3!

Xfer Cthulhu & E-Piano


This one is pretty strong on making chords. as I’m still not good enough on playing piano (yet haha), I use this quite a lot. mostly on just ‘getting ideas’ together and play around with it. There is also a plugin in logic named ‘Chord Trigger’, which is also not bad, but on the Xfer Cthulhu you have way more possibilities to get creative (don’t know why they have about 10000 Bach & Mozart Chords though haha). I used it on my track ‘Hang On’ together with the Logic ‘E-Piano’ Synth to make the basic melody. The ‘E-Piano’ is pretty strong too and I think (with the right Filters & Saturations) it sounds really good!

Korg M1


I think everybody knows this… I use it on 90% of my tracks, specially to make a track a bit more colourful (for example I play vibes on top, or play around with some pads/strings) When you hear the ‘You Smile feat. Ainy‘ track, there is a synth coming in around 1 min… its made with the Korg M1. I’m still thinking about buying the real one as well, but the VST is doing a dope job.



I tried a couple of 909-emulators, but this was working the most for me. Of course, it doesn’t sound like a real 909, but it’s strong on the hats and kicks (if you want to have it clear) (clap is shit though haha). Check out my track  ‘How Do You Love‘, I used it there for the basic hats and kick.

Fabfilter Saturn


I’m in love with this – and I use it on 99% of all my tracks. I just put it on the master-output and play around until I have something I like. If you want to give your track some extra power, or some old school feeling – I can highly recommend this”

Demuja’s Hidden Paradise is out May 24 on MUJA.

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