Danny Daze: 10 essential moments of music discovery

Since 14 years old, Miami’s Danny Daze has been busy on his craft, DJing at weddings to make enough money to save up for new pieces of vinyl to play at raves on the side. Learning production on a cracked version of Fruity Loops, Danny’s early influences of Miami bass and booty music eventually progressed into a deeper love for electro and techno, and his own machine-driven sound has been pushed via labels like Ultramajic, Phantasy, Kompakt Extra and his Omnidisc imprint.

A platform for Detroit-inspired dance music, Omnidisc has released music from Black Merlin, Drvg Cvltvre, Helena Hauff alongside a wealth of underground electronic talent. The label’s latest release comes via Daze himself, three years after his last release on it. Collaborating with Ireland-based DeFeKT of Earwiggle and Cultivated Electronics, Pulmotor EP comes as a devastating two-track blow of jagged electro and paranoid rave workouts, complete with two exclusively produced locked grooves by each of the artists, a constant which will be a feature to every Omnidisc release moving forward allowing DJs to experiment, chop and re-work as they please.

To honour the forthcoming release, we caught up with Daze to look at some his earliest musical memories, and the tracks that helped guide him to become the rave wizard we know him as today.

1. Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F

I consider this the first electronic song I ever heard which was the opening door to me getting into break dancing and electro.

2. Uncle Al – Mix It Up

Play this in Miami right from the beginning of the track and the first 5 seconds of the track will have people taking the shoes off to dance. This record goes down for me as the epitome of my childhood. We call this “booty” music in Miami which derived from the Miami Bass movement.

3. Run DMC – Uptempo

This is one those records that caught me off guard but has stayed in my DJ bag since I found it. You wouldn’t think of Run DMC as an act who would randomly release an electro dub, but they did here.

4. New order – Confusion (Pump Panel mix)

This record was the catalyst to me trying to understand what the rave scene and techno was about. I credit the opening scene to the Blade movie for that.

5. Ectomorph – The Haunting

First time I ever heard this record I thought to myself “these people must be satanic.”. I’ve learned a lot about minimalism because of Ectomorph’s production.

6. Import #1 – Set It Off

I heard this record on a random mixtape I found inside a car when I was a teenager and still play it till this day. I got into trading/collecting vinyl specifically because of this record as it was quite a rare one to find back then.

7. Newcleus – Jam On It

I consider this record one of my all-time favourites. Its the first piece of vinyl I ever bought. My friends and I would come back to my house after school and break dance to this record in my moms living room practically every single day during middle school.

8. Fred 4 – Do it from the back

I remember being at the Full Moon parties in Miami and hearing this one being played. I was a fan of old school hip hop so the moment I heard that “do it from the back” Schooly D sample, it really drew me in. To the point, I was the one that uploaded this to Youtube 10 years ago. Haha

9. Phoenecia – Odd Job – Rhythm Box Version (Soul Oddity Remix)

When it comes to IDM, I’d say Phoenecia/ Soul Oddity are ones who are the top of list for me. I was a fan of the Liquid Sky film, so hearing them flip the Rhythm Box sample really had an effect on me on trying to consider other mediums to sample from.

10. Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic

This is another record that really cemented my liking in electro and combining different elements to make a track. The combination of a dark vocoder vocal alongside a powerful lead voice has challenged me to try and fit both darker and lighter elements into one song.

Danny Daze & DeFeKt’s Pulmotor EP is out February 8 on OMNIDISC.

Preorder the EP here.

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