Crazy P: Electrifying performance

Formed around ’96, live electronic outfit Crazy P, once known as Crazy Penis, have been leaving their mark on the landscape of British dance music for the best part of twenty years.

Made up of Jim Baron, Chris Todd, Danielle Moore, Tim Davies and Matt Klose on drums, together they’ve released seven studio albums and an array of singles over the years, championing disco, house, soul and pop elements into a unique sound that remains iconically British and continues to dazzle dance floors across the globe.

With such focus on musicianship and song writing, the band also operate as one of the finest live acts within dance music, offering an energy and showmanship in their performance rarely seen on today’s dance stages.

Shortly due to play alongside Gilles Peterson, Motor City Drum Ensemble and more at Birmingham’s Rainbow Venues, we catch up with Crazy P’s front Lady Danielle, where she shares some of the live performances that have most left an impact, talking Grace Jones, Prince, Talking Heads and more.

1. Grace Jones: Live @ Festival. September, 2015.

The weather was incredible… I mean September, Portmeirion, Wales… it’s rare! But the setting was so beautiful and the stage set for what was the BEST performance I have ever seen. It would be easy to say that she is great for her age. No, she’s just GREAT!!! In fact incredible. Her presence is second to none. Her attitude the right balance of engaging and scary… you stand to attention. The band were superb! Tight, stylish, effortlessly changing genres and suitably taking a side seat whilst Grace performed in her semi-naked luminous painted body, WOW!

2. Prince: The Manchester Apollo. October, 2002.

You’re never going to get a YouTube clip of Prince at The Apollo as there wont be any. People were in the moment. I spent most of the gig gob open drooling! Dressed in Purple, six rows from front with my sister… we were invited up on stage as dancers BUT I was star struck. Sister has not forgiven me to this day! Awesome musician, performer… may he live within us FOREVER!

3. James Blake: Glastonbury, The Park Stage. 2011.

Just as the sun had set there was a lovely glow in the sky soon to go dark, James Blake played ‘There’s a Limit to Your Love’. It was a beautiful moment of clarity. There were six of us holding hands in BITS! The space in the song cut through the festival air and it was a moment of absolute beauty…

4. Cameo: Supposed to be in Las Vegas, 2016 (but we all got a little drunk and excited and didn’t get there)

They are a band I have always been obsessed with and watching them as a teenager always tried to copy their moves. Their videos are always tongue in cheek but of the highest quality. For some reason I only ever thought there were 3 of them until I saw this… how I wish I was old enough to have seen them live! I mean HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gentlemen 🙂

5. Kid Creole and the Coconuts-Camp: Bestival. 2009.

We had a live gig there too and I had woken up with a proper heavy headache. Couldn’t shake it . Water, Nurofen. PANIC!!! I got
to the massage tent and a lady, a guardian angel I’d say, gave me the most incredible massage ever and I WAS BACK ON FORM!!! We had a short but fab gig and in the evening, decide to go watch Kid Creole… the new line up but STILL… amazing. Once a performer, always a performer. Here’s an old brilliant video of them! Fuck yeah… oh to be a COCONUT!

6. Moloko: Australia Good Vibrations Tour. 2004.

Well, a band favourite… supreme in all areas. Musically, lyrically and performance wise. Mind blowingly engaging mixing genres of music and creating all reactions form tears to ecstatic dancing. Moloko FOREVER!!! In our eyes 🙂

7. Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense. 1983.

Never seen them but I feel like I have in the sense they make me feel energised from the end of my toes to the tip of my head! The energy radiating from this band is incredible and well…. songs that stand the test of time beyond most I know! This tour must have been the dogs bollocks!

8. Gramme: Manchester Soup Kitchen. 2014.

Great basement venue for the dirtiest of gatherings! Gramme deserve so much more acclaim than what they have. They are a true inspiration and all members are flipping AMAZING! Always great to see live bands whenever you can so you can draw inspiration…or just have a bloody good time 🙂

9. A Certain Ratio: Shack Up. 2017.

What a quality band that have spanned decades and still retain their youth! If not more than ever. They never fail to impress -they are the most understated band I know from Manchester and I feel proud to say I’ve seen them so many bloody times!

10. Chk Chk Chk: Dancing Is The Best Revenge. KEXP,2017.

I’m about to see them but FUCK I can’t wait. Been watching countless vids of them and the fact they haven’t made it regularly over to the UK makes it even better. They don’t give a shit what they look like, that makes them cool as fuck and interesting. Bring it on 🙂

Catch Crazy P Soundsystem at Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham, alongside Gilles Peterson, Jeremy Underground & Motor City Drum Ensemble on October 14. More info and tickets here

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