CoOp Presents: Selectors Assemble Volume Two

Leaders of London’s Bruk movement CoOp have been paving the way for its revival as of late, exposing us to a wealth of fresh talent navigating in and around the world of broken beat and beyond from their new CoOp Presents imprint.

Founded by original dons of the scene IG Culture and Alex Phountzi, the label debuted with the Selectors Assemble EP via First Word Records last summer, with rollers from both old and new school players such as Seiji and Henry Wu.

Today releasing Selectors Assemble Volume Two the record works much in the same vein, showcasing talent from originators and newcomers alike, transcending genres and geographics.

With cuts from James Rudie, Entek, Danvers, NameBrandSound and EVM128, we asked the two Bruk soldiers and brains behind the project IG Culture and Alex Phountzi for a little more info behind the EP. Check below for a stream of each track alongside their thoughts behind each effort.

1. James Rudie – Port Funk

James Rudie always goes for a classic lick in his style of music that he calls drunken house, rude literally makes music anywhere he is, Port Funk was made while sitting at the side of a swimming pool in Portugal, big tune on our Worldwide radio show.

It’s got that nagging piano and vocal hook running through making it another instant classic, he’s got a load of stuff like this lined up ready to go.

2. Danvers – My Nina

Didn’t fully get the intro on this Danvers killer tune, initially I was onto to him to do an edit, but he insisted that the tune would lose the flavour, he is completely right of course, because now I couldn’t hear this tune without the sick intro.

This one creeps up on you, dubbed out at the beginning before the groove hits and then he switches it up into a 4/4 halfway through, clever track.

3. EVM128 – Gamma Riddim

Massive EVM, is the original bruk soldier of the Selectors and constantly delivers bangers, this style of bruk he calls ‘raggage’ a cross between bashment and garage… always peak time.

EVM went tribal with this one, it’s killer in the mix.

CoOp Presents

4. Cengiz – On On On

With this one Cengiz delivered this throwback to the future tune and it was an instant classic to us…. it’s in the style of one of those CoOp classics that are an instant crowd pleaser, would’ve fit in nicely in a Plastic People Sunday night.

Another one that you always wanna draw for, Cengiz for president.

5. Entek – Robbery

Entek is the French connection of the Selectors, this track has got that dance floor dutty bruk mixed with his garage influences, on hearing more Entek you will see how eclectic he is, and the different influences he gels into his amazing sound.

Entek is dangerous! This one mixes it up with those off key vocals in a classic bruk style.Big fan of his stuff and he’s got some nuggets up his sleeve, check out his recent Mindset EP as well it’s dope.

6. Miraa May – I Don’t Want Ya (Didi) NameBrandSound Remix

Myself and Phountzi, bring a lot of different influences to the mix when we work, this tune we’ve remixed for Miraa May is being called UKG by some people, even though we wasn’t really thinking about garage as such, if it fits into that world then it’s great for us to transcend the so called comfort zone.

The original of this track was produced by Salaam Remi and we ended up doing a mix of this through a link we had with Miraa’s manager. We kept it stripped back and worked it around that drum groove, we switched up the chorus with an ad libby bit from the end of the track and removed the harmonies to give it a minimal feel to match the darker vibe we were aiming for.

Selectors Assemble Volume Two is out now. 

Order it here.

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