Track By Track: Suicideyear – ‘Hate Songs’

First coming to light via a split single with Kaytranada in 2013, New Orleans based producer James Prudhomme makes music as Suicideyear, honing a sound that places menacing trap fundamentals alongside emotionally charged soundscapes.

Inspired by early shoegaze and punk bands throughout his formative teenage years, Prudhomme’s break came via Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label, where his Remembrance EP took his distinct production of futurist hip hop to an audience past those within the genre, putting him alongside ambient beat-makers like Clams Casino and Evian Christ.

Fittingly finding home on Glasgow’s LuckyMe Records, Prudhomme is back as Suicideyear with new EP, Hate SongsRecorded between Prudhomme’s hometown Baton Rouge and Louisiana, each song is a reflection of his experiences and challenges over the course of a calendar year in his home state, best listened to “on I-55 to New Orleans from Hammond”.

Comprising of six tracks, fierce 808’s and wistful synth workouts are lost within a gloomy cloud of smoke and, although Prudhomme’s music is very much a product of his environment, his unique atmospherics and emotive melodies push him further than his city walls.

We caught up with Suicideyear for a run through the creative process and deeper meanings behind the EP. Check below!

1. Summer Hate

Made this while in NYC at Red Bull Studios, it felt like the summer from the way it sounded to me. It reminds me of Louisiana at night, and the sample at the end is from a video taken when I moved out after high school hahaha.

2. Mosh Mosh (Julie’s Song)

This song was made as two parts, the first beat I ever made in ableton too! The second half, Julie’s Song, is dedicated to my friend’s late mother, someone who sheltered me plenty of nights in Baton Rouge, the talking in the beginning of the track being my buddy Blaize.

3. Flood (Autumn Hate)

This one started in 2012! I made it while watching a new house my parents and I were moving in to start to flood during hurricane Isaac. Thankfully it was only about an inch but I spent the first few days cleaning and making beats cause we had no internet yet, and this was one of them.


4. Spent Days Watching Horses Die

The title is actually a Shia Labeouf quote from him filming a movie called Fury. My favourite part about it has to be the bassline because when making it, I ended up with two bass-notes at once and they clashed but I kind of love the way they clash in this song. It almost makes the 808 sound like a synth.

5. Alert (Winter Hate)

I feel like this one was heavily influenced from time spent playing Goldeneye. I called it Alert because it sounds like alarms going off to me, like someone hit defcon 2 and everything in the room is flashing. It’s also the first song I ever sampled my own vocals for!

6. Lagniappe (Spring Hate)

If you’re from Louisiana, this word can either make you laugh or cringe, but I felt it was fitting for what the song means to me. In a way I feel like alert is the final song for Hate Songs, but it’s tone felt sad to end on. I wanted something to act like a little pallette cleanser, this song is its own little slice of ginger. It also sounds like some shit to hopscotch to hahahahahahahahahaha.

Hate Songs is out now on LuckyMe. You can buy it here.

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