Track By Track: Nervous Horizon – Volume 2

Nervous Horizon, the breakout label and party collective ran by Italian producers TSVI and Wallwork, formed in 2015 with a desire to re-shape London’s clubbing landscape. In just two years they are certainly on their way, with a portfolio of club pressure that’s enjoyed heavy rotation across BBC radio networks, marking releases from the label’s founders, Houndstooth’s Second Storey, DJ Missdevana, and Lloyd SB to name a few.

Last week they released their second full length compilation, almost two years after Nervous Horizon Volume 1. Comprised of 10 tracks from both label crew and affiliates, NH V2 features productions from the likes of Ikonika, DJ Missdevana, Lokane and leads with anthem ‘Come To The Dance‘, the fierce collaboration of MC Jammz and Tarquin, TSVI and Luru.

The matching of seasoned producers with exciting prospects is standard practice for the label, and their continuous desire to challenge existing underground movements makes them one of London’s most exciting new imprints.

To celebrate the compilation’s release, we asked crew members to speak on their contributions, detailing the inspirations, process and history behind each creation. Check below.

1. TSVI & Wallwork – Paradise 660

“Percussive workout, inspired mainly by tribal house and ballroom.” — TSVI & Wallwork

2. Lokane – Body Double

“The original to this VIP version was made specifically for the clubs. Hard hitting groove with a multitude of experimental drum hits. With the VIP version, I was experimenting with heavy distortion, so I switched up the bass for a something with more of an impact. I wanted to frazzle peoples brains when they heard it.” – Lokane

3. Wallwork – Final Fantasy

“I made Final Fantasy two years ago, it’s a Scratcha DVA inspired futuristic madness. I was trying to put together mechanical robotic sounds that could still create a catchy melody.” – Wallwork

4. Ikonika – Shovel

“Shovel was made around 2013/14. The title was inspired by that shovel vine that went viral and had numerous remixes. I didn’t sample it, but wanted it to have that similar pain. Sorry.” – Ikonika

5. Luru – Lazer

“Taking inspiration from uk funky, kuduro and tribal house beats, this song is a result of experimenting with different patterns and grooves, lasers and Bubbling sounds.” – Luru

6. Tarquin, TSVI & Luru feat. Jammz – Come to the Dance

“Come to the Dance is a UK Funky inspired track. TSVI and Luru went in on the drum track and Tarquin topped it up with a creamy bassline and synth lines! The bars come from a conversation we had with Jammz about some dancefloors being dead and how most people just stand there filming on their phones without actually enjoying the experience. Jammz killed it!” – Wallwork

7. DJ Missdevana – Come back 2017

“My music is all about drums and snares, so in this track I put all my energy into those elements and added a big bass, this sound has flowed in my blood since I was a little girl. I don’t listen to music with my ears but with my heart. I have loads more tracks in the works so get ready for something new!” – DJ Missdevana

8. TSVI, Loom & Luru – Black Magic Ocarina

“We made the track when myself, TSVI And Luru first met really, I wanted to fuse the Nervous Horizon sound with some of my trademark synth work. The track was actually called ‘Blips’ for ages, as you might have seen in one of Teki Latex’s DJ charts.” – Loom

9. Wallwork – Havoc

“Havoc was made by recording construction work in my warehouse, a lot of the sounds are made by people dropping equipment, opening the massive shutter, hammering away at a plank of wood or using the circular chainsaw. All these sounds were recorded over a drum track and I added the arp synth to finish it.” – Wallwork

10. Lloyd SB – Beat046

“Last but not least, the mighty Lloyd SB finishes the compilation with a heavy techno club inspired track that will leave you mesmerized as usual!” – Wallwork

Nervous Horizon Volume 2 is out now on Nervous Horizon. Order it here

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