Song-by-Song: Fekky – El Clasico

South London rapper Fekky first appeared on the scene when uploading music to YouTube six years ago. Early classics like ‘Ring Ring Trap’ and his Fire In The Booth session cemented his fanbase and his raw, hard-hitting approach quickly drew attraction from figures like The Game, who requested Fekky join him during his U.K tour.

His daring 2015 remix of Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Sittin’ Here’ prompted the grime pioneer to request an official collaboration, resulting in a revamp of the cult classic that threw Fekky further into the UK limelight and gained him praise for making Dizzee sound at his sharpest in years.

A follow up single with Skepta and a string of live of appearances alongside artists like Kanye West assures Fekky as one of grime’s most exciting contenders, so it comes as no surprise he’s found a home at legendary label Island Records, where he releases his long awaited debut album – El Clasico. 

Two years in the making, El Clasico is an uncompromising projection of young British life in 2017, with 18 cuts that feature a handful of comrades including Ghetts, Chip, Giggs, Skepta, Shakka and garage legend Neutrino. To celebrate its release, we pinned down the rapper and asked for a rundown of each track, discussing running emotions, inspirations and studio mentality.

El Clasico

1. Say No More

I started the album with this song because sonically I feel it sets the tone for El Clasico. The knocking of the bassline brings so much energy while the Trumpets delivers an authentic sound, sounds like a track off a Gangster movie. The subject matter emphasised heavily on the point “They Ain’t Making Them The Same No More”. Caught a vibe whilst in the studio and looking at things that we call entertainment that go viral online had me thinking a little deeper than normal.

2. Billi

This song is an ignorant moment on the album, which I feel it wouldn’t be a FEKKY album if it wasn’t included. Starting the song saying “Sorry to my Mum” says it all! The inspiration behind this song, is the young raw FEKKY who didn’t care about radio or what said; this is the streets on a track! I had so much fun shooting this video.

3. Cappin On The Net

This track is inspired from my general view on a lot of the negative stuff I see on social media. I feel many have too much to say hiding behind their keyboard, hence the name of track; a lot of talking and minimal action. Sonically I love the beat, it gives an epic old skool New York feel allowing me to express myself. Looking forward to releasing the video a lot!

4. What I Mean

This song I made jokingly and I ended up liking it so much I put it on the album. The energy is a thousand and I can’t wait to perform it at my shows; it’s gonna Shutdown every stage!

5. Mad Ting Sad Ting

The title speaks for itself! I debuted this song at the MOBO Awards 2016 with Section Boyz, Live on ITV2, they were a perfect fit for it. You can’t hear the track and not move!

6. Real Ones

This song is the result of looking at everyone around me who has been there through thick and thin! The track makes me picture myself and friends drunk at the end of a good night out. It’s such a positive song and sonically a versatile addition to the album.

7. Call Me Again

This takes things back to grime, the days when I listened to it on pirate radio, thats why I called on producer Rapid and artist Ghetts who know that era well! I’m so happy how I pictured the video turning out came to life!

8. Avirex

This may be my favourite track on the album, it was a dream that became reality! I remember being younger, seeing Neutrino on the TV thinking “WOW, guys from the streets have made it!” This tracks screams old skool meets new, and a foundation era thats key for what we have today!

9. Broke n Famous

This is a reflective moment and it means a lot to me. Coming from where I’m from, everybody wants to be famous, but few see or know the grind necessary to make it! The beat is so mesmerising and was like a blank canvas for me to paint, it put me in a zone for me to deliver a musical biography.

10. RNOT

This track is a musical vlog of my tour life! The lyrics allow you to picture wild nights on tour. It was so easy to write as I virtually live on the move.

11. Paranoid

Paranoid is basically me going back in time, thinking about all the friends I’ve lost along my journey. Me noticing how people change out of jealousy! I wrote this after an argument with an old friend, thinking Why Is Life Like This!

12. Running Man

This a fun moment on the album! I picture this knocking in the clubs hard! This is classic FEKKY

13. Way Too Much

It was so sick performing this song at the festivals this and last summer. People have always asked for a FEKKY and Skepta song, so when we made this I knew its would take off; it’s Way Too Much.

14. Gossip

Me and Giggs coming from rival areas, this song means more than many may think. The two biggest rappers from each area showing Unity and Success is a positive message to the young ones growing up; focus on whats important and turn negatives into positives. It’s a raw rap beat, no gimmicks or games, just straight bars!

15. My Size

This ones the Wild Card! Having such a large Female Fanbase, too often I Get told I don’t cater for them. This is not my usual style of song, but I had to come out of my comfort zone to deliver on this one. I think the ladies will love this one!

Fekky’s El Clasico is out now on Island Records. Order it here.

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