Brassfoot breaks down his new record, Indentured Servitude

Since breaking through in 2015 on Funkineven’s Apron Records, the nutty club experiments of NTS radio regular and London-based producer Brassfoot have turned heads via releases on Paul Du Lac’s Bio Rhythm, DJ Haus’ UTTU and his own cassette label NCA Recordings.

His latest effort and debut for Don’t Be AfraidIndentured Servitude, carries the crunch in true Brassfoot fashion, with six analogue jams that come full-dirt and catered towards all corners of the dancefloor.

Speaking on the release, Brassfoot states that “whatever the final result is, I wouldn’t even bother unless I was having fun first. Sometimes there’s just one tiny portion of magic after a long recording session, but it’s always about the enjoyment first. It’s dark inside and it influences the mood of the music. It’s also dark outside and it’s obvious where that leaves its mark.”

We caught up with him for a closer look behind the making of the record and the different moods that drove each track.

“All these tracks were recorded using my Roland MC 505. Those who have the machine will probably recognise some of the sounds. It’s been an important part of my production for years now. I appreciate it’s workflow and it was cheap! Actually I got it when I was out in Japan. It has everything in one box and allows me to get all my ideas down really quickly without over complication or premeditation. I’ve upgraded a few times and ended up getting it totally wrong, so re-sold those machines or passed them on. Our relationship is definitely coming to an end, but the 505 will always be special to me.”

1. Followers Fate

Aggy… Just aggy. Skanking your stresses away when someone brushes/knocks you as they pass by… You turn around about to switch at them, but it’s basically a 10ft cyclops staring down at you. That’s the bit where the low end of the track comes in and you get rushed by the Cyclops and the rest of the party joins in with him.

This is for those who forgot how to think for themselves. Like a bunch of lemmings, oblivious to the cliff-drop a few steps ahead of them…

The drums are typical Brassfoot knocks and thumps… The whole track, but particularly the drums remind me of how my head bops when I’m really feeling the music… Kinda like how Jammer was shaking his head during the Skepta vs. Devil man L.O.T.M. clash…

2. Psycho-Spiritual Parasites

You know when you reach the rave late and everyone is already smashed, off their faces and chatting shit in your ear… Unintentionally spitting while they speak to you, and all you can think about is keeping your mouth shut in fear that microscopic particles of their overly enthusiastic bodily liquids might land right there in your mouth… All while wondering why that person’s breath smells like spicy dried corn snacks….

The track was mainly recorded on my 505 with a few external layers added in with some other bits. To me it’s all about that feeling of irritation, the feeling of dealing with controlling forces from outside. It’s all about how you deal with it from within though.

3. Dice Lude

This is the drive/cab home after a naughty one… Short but sweet… Sobering. Takes me back to memories of old garage rave in late 90s. How we used to dress, dance etc… Out in your fresh-garms from Prohibitos, with loafers and cigars just for show… Yes cigars… ughhh…

4. Penchant For Persuasion

The burner… This is all about the P… A story of patience and persistence.

I drive to this track a lot, it’s perfect for that because it’s a journey. It’s a track that I started off totally differently to how it ended up and then just reworked it, because I was tired of the OG version… If you listen carefully there’s a reveal of the first version in there somewhere.

5. Surfing On Haemoglobin

Another driving fav of mine. I fling this one on and pretend that I’m the local Lewis Hamilton of North London… It’s a skankers, this one. Another track I made and thought that I had ‘finished’, but wasn’t 100% about, so I dived back in an made a few changes, that brought it out of itself and on to the floor.

6. Blame It On The Tame

This is an example me experimenting with different tones. This one’s brighter and more like my mood during springtime, which is when it was made. Most people that know me, know that I’m more of an Autumn kinda guy… However it’s still got some big brass bass drums in there, so it’s far from tame.

Indentured Servitude is out October 12 on Don’t Be Afraid Recordings. 

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