Brame & Hamo pull out 10 wonders from the crates

Over the past few years, Sligo pair Brame & Hamo have been taking the house and techno world by storm with their colourful take on club music. Whether dropping music via their label B&H, touring across the globe or appearing on acclaimed mix series’ like Solid Steel and Feel My Bicep, it’s clear the boys like to keep busy, building up a profile that puts them in the circle of acts like Gerd Janson, Laurent Garnier, Mall Grab, Nick Höppner and Optimo.

For the start of 2019 however they’ve kept their focus to the studio, working on a new three-track EP of hard-edged techno and breaks that will shortly drop via their eponymous imprint. Speaking on the release, Brame & Hamo state that they’ve been putting themselves “under a lot of (self-inflicted) pressure to continue to deliver music of the standard of previous releases, and finally we got there. Each of the tunes took only a few hours and were all done in one take, using all the hardware in our studio during some intense jam sessions.”

They’ll also be returning to the Northern Ireland’s AVA Festival this weekend. Not only a home country favourite, the Belfast party has grown to become one of Europe’s most energetic festivals. Now celebrating their fifth edition, they’ll once again be celebrating, amplifying and developing the strong current of electronic music and AV throughout Belfast and beyond for the past 5 years, welcoming back a whole host of homegrown heroes and new editions.

Catching up with the pair ahead of the event, Brame & Hamo hit us with some of their favourite early 2000’s techno and progressive tunes that have helped define their own production methods and ideas.

1. Bryan Zentz – D-Clash

This is a huge inspiration, we can always fit it in to our set. Driving, ravey, classy piano, it has all the standard elements of a 90’s tune but the energy of the 00’s. Amazing stuff from and amazing producer. He had many aliases over the years like Barada which is also a massive inspiration.

2. DJ Rok – Silky – (1998)

Techno Disco with a sample of Fern Kinney – Groove Me. Not the usual way to producers sampled disco records back then, he has many tracks like this just uses enough of the sample to make it interesting but not go too crazy. Check out all the defender ep’s he has out, they’re sick.

3. HMC – Marauder (2003)

Conor’s girlfriend showed us this one, absolute classic. When we heard that melody coming in, the hairs on our necks stuck up. For such a dissonant melody it is super memorable. Everytime we hear it we just want to write music.

4. Needledust – Wuh – (2002)

Like many tracks in this period it has the Donna Summer-esque bassline, but it was the aesthetics of the early noughties that has something special. The drums were dirty, the energy was really high and it had some distinctive chops, effects and usually a little vocal hit that kept it all gelled together.

5. Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp – (1998)

A popular track but a timeless one. Would of loved to been at a Love Parade feeling the energy off this one. Another great melody that keeps on giving throughout the track.

6. Saints & Sinners – Pushing too Hard (2000)

An absolute classic from John Digweed & Nick Muir’s Bedrock records. We first heard this in our teens and absolutely fell in love with it. There’s been a couple of kinda cool remixes of it ,but none of them come close to the original. This track is so driving and emotive. It’s something we always strive for when making music.

7. Joris Voorn – Believer (2004)

Joris Voorn’s early music is a massive influence for us. His first album Future History on Sino is stunning. A mixture of beautiful ambient pieces and fast techno house tracks. Believer and another one called ‘Distant Moment’ really stuck with us over the years. but it’s all gorgeous, we come back to it quite often. Complete nostalgia.

8. Sasha – Magnetic North (2002)

Sasha is someone we were introduced to from a really young age. Airdrawndagger was a bit more experimental than the stuff we listened to when we that age, but we absolutely loved it. Wavy Gravy was another favorite of ours. We remember actually having the stems for Magnetic North online because there was a remix competition for it. We need to try and find them!

9. Circulation – Turquoise (Different Gear Mix) (2001)

The colour series that Circulation did was so class. They had a nice variation of stuff on them. You can listen back and hear quite heavy tracks but then there’s also really nice disco-ish house tracks. Something for everybody. The original of Turquoise is class but the Different Gear remix properly nailed it.

10. Deetron – Fuse (2001)

We absolutely love Deetron but had missed this record for some reason. We came across it last year at Bikini Waxx Records in Berlin. Such a sick tune. Really lovely balance of sampled organic sounds and synth elements.

For more info on AVA Festival, head to their website here.

Keep up to date with Brame & Hamo’s releases via their Bandcamp here

Featured Image: Kasia Zacharko

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