Balkan Vinyl bossmen Posthuman pick their label’s essential cuts

Cousins Rich Bevan and Joshu Doherty have played a major role in keeping acid music in the UK spotlight. Their party series, I Love Acid, does exactly what it says on the tin, booking leading 303 wizards to play at parties all over Blighty. On top of throwing quality parties, their label Balkan Vinyl is one of the best in the game for synthesised sonics, releasing tunes from the likes of OGs LFO and Ben Sims,  as well as newer artists such as Shinra.

Together, the pair form the acid house/slow-techno duo Posthuman, performing and releasing music since 2000. As well as releasing on their own imprint, labels such as Acid Avengers and Shipwrec have released their goods, tinged with meandering acid lines and always of the highest quality. Whilst early releases possessed a more electronica feel, their sound has evolved over the years, spanning multiple genres and styles.

On the 30th November, the pair are throwing a party at Five Miles to celebrate the launch of their newest album: Mutant City Acid. We caught up the duo to reminisce about the journey their label has undertaken, going through the archives and picking the seminal releases from years gone by. Check out Posthuman’s picks below:

Global Goon – Craehzrhd

This was on the very first ever Balkan Vinyl release in 2010 “Red” along with tracks from B12, Mark Archer, and Vibert & Wigglesworth. Back then, I had just sixty people signed up on the label’s mailing list, it took a while to sell all 250 copies. Now you won’t find a second hand copy for less than £50. It was recently re-released on the Balkan Allstars 12″ – special edition 25th release on the label. I still think it’s the best acid track in the entire label’s back catalogue.

Room 13 – Body Language

The first I Love Acid 12″. Room 13 is a collaboration between Ed DMX & Bass Junkie. There was actually a few issues with getting this first record out, it was a P&D with Juno Records and there’d been some breakdowns in communication, the tracks were pressed in the wrong order and the first batch then had tracklisting printed incorrectly. Most copies were sent back to the plant for recycling but two or three of the misprinted ones made their way into the world. Usually it’s the title track that people play out from the EP, but I think my fave is actually this one.

Posthuman – It’s A House Thing

One of our own, so tooting my own horn here but I’m really proud of this release. It was a vinyl-only release, no digital, on an edition of 303. Lot of people kept asking for the tracks so I repressed it. They sold out pretty much instantly, but the metalwork was damaged afterwards so it was recycled – so no more represses of this one!

Luke Vibert – StupH

The I Love Acid clubnight and series was named after Luke’s famous track, with his permission obviously! Luke has DJ’d at my parties probably more than anyone except myself and Placid. This is from I Love Acid number three, where he gave me two epic long 303+808 jams. Coming in at 12 minutes long, it’s perfect to ride for ages and ages in the mix.

Nightwave – Acid Mouse

I’ve known Maya from before her Nightwave days, she was signed to my old label Seed as 8Bitch and has played a few of my events over the years.This track was criminally ignored for ages, then once included on the Metro Jaxx Vol. One compilation it went absolute crazy. Sold out in just a few days, and was getting caned EVERYWHERE. Still is. Absolute anthem. Maya is coming to London to play our album launch party at Five Miles in London on Nov 30th, and has some more material lined up for the label in 2019.

Andreas Gehm – Heaven & Hell

Bittersweet this one. Andreas passed away just a few months after this came out. Far too young.
He really was one of the most important acid producers of this decade and left a massive legacy of incredible tracks. More than that though, he was a lovely guy. I miss his daft photoshops on Facebook.

LFO – I Love Acid

Originally written for a charity compilation, I re-released this on vinyl this year. The last ever track Mark Bell wrote as LFO. Was gonna write a load of hyperbole here but the fact is, Mark was super supportive and a fucking really decent guy to me when I was starting off with Balkan. He was a total windup merchant on internet forums but a genuinely top bloke privately. It’s fucked up that two artists on my label aren’t here anymore, basically.

Nevile Watson – Trip City (Mark Forshaw Remix)

Epic reworking of Neville’s track by Mark Forshaw. Builds and builds and then the massive drop into pads. Total hands-in-air moment when playing this out over a big system. Love it.

Ebola – Now Witness The Firepower

The Rave Wars series was a trilogy of Star Wars themed rave tracks, on 7″ that came with vintage action figures, complete in blister packs. It took me a long time collecting all the figures then glueing each one to every record! Tracks came courtesy of Luke Vibert, Nathan Jonson (aka Hrdvsion), Ben Sims & Paul Mac, Mark Archer, myself and this one from Ebola.

T&K Crew – Memory Child (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)

This is one of the most recent releases on the label – T&K crew is Boy’s Own main man Terry Farley teamed up with D.O.P’s Kevin Swain. Kirk Degiorgio’s remix just really works for me, all lush pianos and gorgeous strings but over tough beats. Kirk has a particular knack of beautiful melodies that are slightly unexpected, without ever falling into cheesy trance territory.

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