Anetha’s 10 favourite techno moments from the ’90s

A resident of the infamous Blocaus party in Paris, young french talent Anetha has become a prominent figure of the Paris underground scene in the short space of time she’s been operating.

Having DJ’d at a number of the global club circuit’s famous institutes, Anetha made her production debut in 2015 with an EP on Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records. Her hypnotic techno experiments have since landed on imprints like Oaks and Blocaus Series, the outlet realised by her and the Blocaus crew that she now co-manages alongside them.

The latest number in their catalogue offers brand new works from Anetha, with EP Bionic Romance made up of four tracks that play to her strengths as a producer, as the record gleams with the rich textures and spaced out techno explorations that she’s become well known for.

In celebration of the release, we asked Anetha to hit us with a playlist of her favourite techno cuts from the ’90s. Picking out classics from PJ, Third Man, Robert Leiner and more, see all of her selections below.

1. PJ – Elysian Fields

Make me feel in the same time super melancholic and super happy – love each other please !

2. Christian Borée – Life Divine

All time favorite track with a heady groove that makes you go again and again forward, like a message of hope 🙂

3. Third Man – Neutral Nervous

This is exactly what I’m looking for lately through my production: a perfect balance between hard rhythmic and a sweet melody – I really love the contrast.

4. DJ Reynea – Exchanged

Was one of the strongest moment this year when I played this track during my Boiler Room – love the hard vibe of this record that brings out our primitive side !

5. Robert Leiner – Aqua Viva

No words needed – still fresh and makes you feel alive even if it’s an old track.

6. Alter Ego – Soulfree 

Incredible ethereal timeless track, want to dance now during a sunrise in the forest!

7. Freddy K – Devo Andare

Want to be young for life, pogo and loose your mind in the dancefloor haha. I could never get tired of the energy that this music can provides !

8. Link – Amenity

I bought the record at Techno Import in Paris 7 years ago – I can remember my child’s face, I was so happy to finally have my copy. Really love how this track is built: during 3min you think this is just a beatless and ambient track, then the perfect bassline appears…

9. Curley – Have an axe to grind

Simple and straightforward at first, then beat by beat change into a transcendent and mental trip! Curley was a genius 🙂

10. Agent Orange – Warm Love

Pure acid banger track with an atmospheric pad !

Bionic Romance is out now via Blocaus Series.

Buy it here.

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