An Intro To Clubstrophobia

The best bands to discover are usually the new ones that are just getting off the ground, or at least still working on making music and trying to hit it big. This is why we highlight artists like Miss Red, who’s been turning heads since dropping a first mixtape and doesn’t look to be anywhere near finished. Particularly in genres that can sometimes be more defined by sound than artist identity, it’s nice to get in early on these kinds of performers. However, it can be fun to discover something you simply missed from the past as well, and that’s what brings us to Clubstrophobia.

This is a band that actually surfaced recently in a somewhat random article proclaiming to put together the ultimate gambling playlist. Specifically it was the song “Vegas” that made the cut (which of course makes sense given the title), described as being something a little more mellow from Clubstrophobia that makes for a perfect bit of relaxation as you sit down at a poker table. Gambling themes aside, it’s a sort of intoxicating tune that, while definitely on the mellow side for a group associated with house music, sort of exemplifies the band’s style.

Clubstrophobia is actually a very tough band to define. Hailing from Norway, they’re known for a blend of house, jazz café, big beat, bass, and funk. That sounds like a lot, but if you’re into any of these musical styles and you think about the blend, you can probably start to imagine the sort of sound Clubstrophobia produces – mesmerizing, low-key house tunes suitable for film soundtracks just as well as an idle listen.

“Vegas,” as it happens, is the band’s most well-known song, with far and away the most hits on Spotify and the most noteworthy YouTube presence. It’s also one of the band’s only songs with posted lyrics online (though this is at least somewhat because instrumentals are the primary focus). If you’re looking for a little bit more energy from the group, however, you can easily find yourself hooked on tracks like “Liquid Life” or “Rio,” both of which use a sort of trademark jazzy house combo to put you into a trancelike state.

As far as we can tell, Clubstrophobia is no longer active. Their 2003 album “Dada” was their first album, and with the exception of the “Vegas” single, their only one to date. As stated previously however, it can sometimes be fun to find little groups like this that you might have missed or never known about. And if you’re into more low-key house and bass music with a little bit of a jazzy compliment, this band might make its way into your regular Spotify rotation.

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