Allegorical: Nightwave

With releases on Seed, Slit Jockey and Serbia’s Svetlana Industries label, Nightwave (formerly know as 8Bitch), has been making herself seen and heard in recent months, capturing the attention of many with her expansive take on techno, dubtep and low-slung bass.

Having spent past lives as, in no particular order, a TV presenter, actress and national judo champion, Maya Medvesek quite obviously has a passion for creating and doing that has seen her hone her production skills to a fine degree, creating a rich concoction of electronic noise that’s equal parts dancefloor smashing bass weight as it is pensive ambient moods.

With her all conquering ‘G41’ release last year on Starkey’s Slit Jockey imprint, Nightwave explored a post-dubstep world of crunk-inflected electronica, setting a template for experimental floor shakers that she’s explored over recent releases. Having laid down an exclusive live set for her Hyp mix, and new EP ‘Feel’ set to drop soon on Svetlana, we thought it only best that we email Slovenia’s finest bass export to talk Cassie, BLOC and London/Glasgow.

‘Nightwave’ – what’s the reason behind the name change, and can you tell us a bit about the thinking behind the name?
The name 8Bitch was a bit of a joke that went on for too long. It’s very restrictive PR wise and I felt it gave a wrong impression about my music so I finally decided to change it. I chose the name Nightwave because I love night time and I love the sea. Waves are a very important part of the Universe, movement, nature cycles and of course music – so I felt like using this allegory in my new artist name.

You remixed (r’n’b queen) Cassie recently. She seems to be something of a cult figure amongst alot of bass fans. What is it about her appeals to you?
Well, to be quite honest I’m not some crazy Cassie fan. She is very beautiful and I like some of her tunes but mainly I just felt like doing the cover as a challenge. I couldn’t get the acapella to fit my bpm so I re-sang the tune myself. Her vocals are probably nicer but I felt like having a go!

8Bitch – G41 by Slit Jockey Records

You’ve just come back from BLOC – any particular highlights? Mine had to be Doppleffekt, dOP, and breaking into the trampolines…
Yes I’m in recovery mode right now! I really loved Jimmy Edgar’s set and DJ Funk of course, Lone, Space Dimension Controller, Legowelt, Floating Points and Rustie. I’m taking chalet adventures to the grave though – not for sharing!

What have you got coming up release-wise? And which label’s can we expect to see you rolling with in the near future?
The ‘Feel’ EP with Svetlana Industries is imminent, that’s a four track record made mainly for the dance floor with a variety of club tunes. I’ve also done a tonne of remixes ready to come out very soon, for example Sleepyhead, My Panda Shall Fly, Sleeps In Oysters…

Any plans for an album?
I may be doing an album for Seed this year but it all depends on how hard I work. I would like to release a banging club album as well as a more experimental vocal one. My music is quite varied and I think that may be confusing to some, especially promoters who probably don’t know what the hell I’ll play but I can DJ pretty much everything and make my live set as weird or ravey as they l like!

Can you talk us through your live set? What did you perform it on, it typical of what we can expect from future live sets?
This is a live set I’ve been doing for about a year – it has lots of different tunes and remixes I’ve done and quite a few unreleased tunes as well. It’s nothing fancy, just Ableton and a couple of Akai and Novation controllers. I drop the tunes with effects and mess around on the pads a bit, though I definitely plan to include live singing in future sets once I’ve sorted a suitable set-up.

You’ve spent alot of time between London and Glasgow, can you name one thing that each city has that the other lacks?
Glasgow lacks the London weather and London lacks the Glasgow spirit. I love London though don’t get me wrong!

Anyone in particular we should be looking out for at the minute?
People whose music I really enjoy right now are Lone, Subeena, BNJMN, Krystal Klear, Jacques Greene, Eprom, Nguzu Nguzu…

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