All Subject to Vibes: DJ Die breaks down the new GutterFunk V/A

UK don DJ Die gives us the inside track for the brand new V/A on his GutterFunk imprint.

Bristol heavyweight and XL records alumni DJ Die has just dropped the first V/A to grace his GutterFunk imprint. All Subject to Vibes sees a wealth of talent come together with tracks that span the genres from funk to 140 to jungle, all keeping with the label’s mantra of “good-music-first”. Names including Addison Groove, Pinch and Fox all make appearances with Watch the Ride (DieMantle and DJ Randall) making a welcome return after their collaboration with D Double E back in the summer.

While the album works well as a long play, this one is geared for DJ’s, with previous GutterFunk releases finding their way into the bags of Gerd Janson, ShyFX and dBridge.

We were lucky enough to get the man himself guide us through the whole album track by track, read on below.

1. DieMantle – ‘Spirit World’.

When Dismantle & I make music together it’s all subject to vibes, sometimes to create something special you have to let go of what you thought you knew and create without purpose. “Let’s make music that’s gonna move people… let’s do something we really feel in our hearts”

2. Sure Thing – ‘Special Love’ (Nuff Pedals Remix).

The mysterious Nuff Pedals has completely flipped the original on its head, watching this artist develop on my label has been amazing. With this remix we see him step up with the musicality and apply his unique sense of artistry.

3. Monkey Wrench – Lakossa.

Monkey Wrench is extended family and has been on our radar for a while. This track made its debut at our stage at Love Saves The Day 2019 and it set the party off instantly, it was a no brainer for the label.

4. Addison Groove – Tokyo Beat.

Addison Groove is one of my favourite producers and DJs, since meeting him we’ve collaborated many times and he always brings something fresh to the table, Tokyo beat is disco on glucose, end of!

5. Fox & DieMantle – More.

Since being introduced to Fox by Eva Lazarus we instantly sparked a friendship based on respect. The track went through few different phases before we reached the version you’re hearing now. Fox came with the bars and flows and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Why More? Cuz too much is never enough.

6. DJ Die & Pinch – Jungle Reflection.

Pinch is someone who I’ve seen carve out a new notch in Bristol’s family tree, he’s one of cities dubstep pioneers and continues to push the envelope creatively, with this track we wanted to show that Jungle is a state of mind that’s not limited by BPM.

7. Dismantle – Bodied.

Dismantle is back with a banger! With ‘Bodied’ he separates himself from the pack once more demonstrating just one of the many many styles this man can produce. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS MANTLE!

8. Dean Mans Chest & Josimar – Out There.

When I received this tune I was instantly taken back to 1991 to a rave in a dusty old barn in the middle of Oxfordshire, I’m wondering “how did I get here and more importantly, how am I gonna get back?.” ‘Out There’ is an audio trip that takes the listener into a black hole. These two gentlemen have accessed the source and taken it back to the core.

9. Fixate – One For The Floor.

This, for me, is the definition of the roller. Deceptively simple and a DJs dream for mixing. Fixate mentioned he based this on the Bristol sound which made it a natural fit for GutterFunk, shouts to dBridge for the green light.

10. Watch The Ride (DJ Randall, DJ Die, Dismantle) – Skeematics.

Skeematics is the sound of three amigos in the studio having a ball, it was a late but necessary addition to the album. Be on the lookout for more Watch The Ride coming soon.

11. Sure Thing – Atoms.

Atoms is a cosmic love song, it’s a very special track that has been waiting for the right time to be heard. The track is a collaboration between Des Rogers, Christophe, Bobby Anderson, Rett Porter, Jack Baldus, Celestine and myself. By ending the album with this track we gave it the position it deserved, its the perfect last dance.

All Subject to Vibes is out now via GutterFunk.

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