Alix Perez: Edition 1

Belgian-born Alix Depauw, better known as Alix Perez, is a name most will be familiar with. A mainstay of the drum’n’bass scene for over a decade, Perez is both prolific and well-known, crafting diverse, soul-infused DNB and collaborating with countless other artists including Skeptical, dBridge and Spectrasoul.

After having released through Shogun Audio, Exit Records, and Critical, and more, Perez founded his own label – 1985 Music. Billed as “a platform for forward thinking electronic music basing it’s roots in 170/85 BPM and beyond”, 1985 have already racked up eight releases since June last year. Next up is Edition 1, a compilation curated by Perez that sets out the label’s vision and paints a picture of where the label finds itself at the end of 2017.

Featuring cuts from established artists such as Fracture and Chimpo while leaving space for newcomers such as Monty, Deft and Tsuruda to push the envelope, Edition 1 is a bold mission statement for 1985 Music. We caught up with Perez to hear about some of his favourite moments from the compilation.

“When curating Edition 1, the point was to encapsulate the ethos and vision of the label. It’s a snapshot of our current standing and a look ahead of what’s to come. It features various artists which I believe are pushing the sound we represent, from newcomers to well established individuals. It reflects familiar grounds, anchored in history whilst exploring new paths.”

Deft – Around

I’ve been a fan of Deft for quite some time now. His versatility and finesse is second to none. Around sets the mood for the VA with a sinister touch. It embodies an array of influences, cleverly pieced together over a slamming half time beat.

Alix Perez & Skeptical – Vault

Having previously released our collaborative efforts it made sense to get together again on the VA. Our writing process is very natural and fun in the studio. I think Vault strikes a good balance of our sounds. It’s a minimal, rolling affair with a less is more approach.

Sabre – Holy Water

Sabre and I go back a long way. It’s really special to have him on board since he rarely operates under this moniker anymore. It’s got the classic Sabre sound that he’s known for. Hypnotic stabs and chords combined with his trademark beats and bass.

Halogenix – Silver Sword

I think this track has a very melancholic side to it. Whilst it has dark undertones it’s also uplifting, a trademark touch from Halogenix. We’ve known each other for a good while now and I think he’s a very gifted producer, constantly evolving. I’m really happy that he’s part of this project.

Monty – Tribes

Monty closes the LP with undoubtably the most dancefloor driven piece of music on this long player. It’s heavy yet light, a fine balance which he strikes very well with his sound and production. To me, it’s very reminiscent of the techno influenced era which I’m very fond of. Expect more music from Monty on 1985 next year.

Edition 1 is out 22 Dec via 1985 Music. Pre-order here.

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