Airhead: Dancefloor sessions

Rob McAndrews, better known as UK producer Airhead, has consistently carved out his own distinctive sound of off kilter, bass experimentations over the years.

Counting back from 2009, Airhead’s steady build of releases have seen him find home on cult labels such as R&S Records, Brainmath, Different Circles, Untold’s Hemlock and his own 1-800-Dinosaur, an imprint he runs alongside fellow band member and touring partner James Blake.

Whilst his earlier efforts melded a plethora of influences, from dubstep to oddball hip-hop, and guitar-based Indie music, Airhead’s more recent sonic explorations have edged closer toward the dancefloor, with singles ‘Cristobal‘ and his, ‘Shaded’, Hemlock return firing from alternative directions yet retaining his signature oddball groove.

In light of the recent Shaded EP, we asked Airhead to pick out some of his favourite club experiments, acknowledging the works of STL, T++, Omo Frenchie and more in the process. Check below.

1. STL – Portside Waves

STL is one of my favourite producers, I love his use of hiss and background noise. In my opinion his drums are some of the best in dance music.

2. T++ – Space Pong

Picked it for the snare.

3. Neuroshima – Headspace (Ground Control Mix)

Neuroshima’s making some amazing music at the moment, this is one of my favourite tracks from his All Caps EP. The intro works as a call to arms in any rave.

4. Superfície – Cerol

Only discovered him recently but Superficie’s making some really interesting dance music. Intricate sound design whilst retaining a strong visceral impact on big systems.

5. 2 Boasters A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger – Oh crumbs

70% of me picked this because of their production name. Big tune though.

6. Ploy – Bad Seed

I’ve been a fan since hearing Sala One Five for the first time. This one works really well as a set opener.

7. Omo Frenchie – Bêtise

First heard this at a Hessle night in LA late last year; Pearson Sound dropped it out of nowhere. Think I’ve played it in almost every set since then.

8. Yak – Mido

Amazing production. As the YT description says: ultimate DJ weapon.

9. Klaus – Cry Tuff

Klaus makes some of my favourite music. You can really hear the time and effort that’s gone into every single sound.

10. John Maus – Bennington

Joy Orbison played this at our 1800 party in NYC the other week. Had to take a moment to lean on a pillar and stare into the distance while it played. It’s been on repeat ever since.

Airhead’s Shaded EP is out now on Hemlock Recordings. Order it here

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