A track-by track guide to Ouri’s new EP, We Share Our Blood.

Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, DJ and electronic producer Ouri’s new record, We Share Our Blood, comes inspired by the differing human reasons to do so, be that for creation or destruction. Balancing opposing themes is a common thread within her music, with her 2017 album Superficial described as a “kind of laboratory where she mixes her truth with chaos”.

Picked up by Ghostly International for her latest effort, the four-track EP sees Ouri truly hone the after-hours club sound, blending low-sunk r&b with broken house grooves whilst also finding her voice for the first time, which offers a certain warmth against the cold aesthetic that echoes throughout her music.

In light of the release, we were able to catch up with Ouri, where she dives further into the themes, inspirations, and approach behind the record. See what she had to say below.

1. Down

This one is the very first time I actually sang on one of my songs. I really wanted to express power issues, and not in an abstract/instrumental way. It’s about that change in the eye in person in front of you, when they feel threatened by your confidence or your skills. And I won’t have pity for that anymore. This song is a sweet ‘fuck you’. When I was working on it, I was pushing the drums so loud, it would just absorb everything else : I really wanted this to be driving. I finally listened to my friend Justin and the mixing engineer Albert and turned them down. It’s in between heavy latin percs and break, blending those two to have something even more sharp.

2. We Share Our Blood

I made this one after creating music for my friend and visual collaborator Sabrina G Jolicoeur. We designed something for one of her performances but I was obsessed with this overdriving punching kick. I remember our night in the studio. I reworked the kick sound, played with this sound only. Then I played a bit with dance music conventions and placed chords and drums around. My sister showed me this Audre Lorde poem few months before : There is No Hierarchy of Oppressions. I really wanted to pay an hommage and refer to this truth I just discovered. When I’m lost in thought about humankind, I have this saving thought that we just all share our blood. I think that’s a comforting way to simplify drama.

3. Hypersensis

During summer 2017, I was starting a remix but it was not related at all to the original. So I thought I’d just start a new one and keep this draft. Few months later I reopened it and took some time to finish it. It was the hardest to actually finish, I couldn’t decide the structure and the end for a long time. This track brings me to tears every time, I cannot explain why. It’s the only instrumental track on the record, it’s quite minimal and repetitive but there is this inexplicable emotion, I guess it really came from a desperate place.

4. Escape

This is my little angel track. It was intuitive and unexpected. After a good night (and morning) at the legendary Moonshine parties in Montreal, I came home and started with that weird chord progression, the break and then all the rest. I had investigated some ways to make hopeful music but was never satisfied. This is the first mostly convincing attempt. I just relied on visual memories for this one, nothing too emotional. It helped me to let go off my dramatic side for a second.

5. K-Yen Dreamin

This is the dramatic side of the project (lol). Dramatic, a bit more meditative than the rest of the EP but still driving. I was observing at that time, a sense of unsettling strangeness, growing in me; as I was doubting everything, I was also working harder than ever before, really grounded in a way. I feel like the gap between the voice and the instrumental represents the link between these two perspectives. K-Yen stands for Cayenne, my mother’s native town. I’m fantasising a lot about it, it’s located on a very beautiful land, with the Amazon forrest taking a lot of the territory, pressured by colonialism, gold diggers and slave trade.

We Share Our Blood is out now on Ghostly International.

Order it here.

Featured Image: Maiko Rodrig

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