A History of Rave with Oneman

“Always searching for the perfect beat.”

South London selector and all round legend Steve Bishop, better known as Oneman, is a DJ who by now needs little introduction.

A heavyweight on the circuit since day dot, Steve was raised on pirate radio and found his moment coming up alongside pinnacle movements like FWD and DMZ. Through his championing of genre-traversing oddities, and uncanny ability to channel the spirit of rave by joining the dots of the underground’s most influential eras, you can always be sure a Oneman blend will tell you a story.

A master of the craft, the Rinse FM staple is set to educate the Brighton folk this Saturday, as Patterns welcome him to dig deep into his crates for their ‘History Of Rave‘ event series.

Ahead of the session, we asked Steve to hit us with ten of his all time favourites that best encapsulate the UK’s rave culture throughout the decades. From hardcore right through to grime and funky, check his selections below.

1. Congress – Your Love Makes Me Higher

It’s all about the piano and girl next door vocal on this one!

2. Scott Garcia – Music Takes Me

That descending bassline is so UK.

3. Mala – Lean Forward

Always searching for the perfect beat, and this comes so close.

4. El-B – The Club

Rude bit of South London 2step.

5. Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath

I mean, need I say anything about this track?

6. Renegade – Language (Energy Mix)

Slow and steady, early hardcore sounds, it’s the synth line in this that does it for me.

7. Sibian & Faun – I’m Sorry

Just an incredible track from the numbers camp, vocal cuts to break hearts.

8. Oneiric – Blue Envelope

1992 techy roller, the pads sound like a dream.

9. Horsepower Productions – Giving Up

One of the sexiest 2step grooves ever made.

10. DJ Oddz – Strung Up VIP

The greatest 8bar grime switch!

Emergency Room: A History of Rave with Oneman takes place at Patterns Brighton on Saturday June 29.

More info and tickets here.

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