8 tracks that inspired Poté’s glistening new EP, Fire For Fire

“Creating something different and not being scared to put it out.”

Though originally identified as a club producer, London by way of St. Lucia artist Poté’s more recent work has challenged such categorisations, continuing to evolve his artistic identity with self-recorded lyrics and live instrumentation.

On his new four-track EP Fire For Fire, the producer continues this trend. With a collaboration with rising lyricist Kojey Radical, as well as pounding drum beats and hazy melodies, Poté is carving a strong niche for himself.

Ahead of the January 13 release Poté now delves into the key influences behind the new EP, including SBTRKT’s live drumming, the many styles of Branko, and two gems from Atoms For Peace.

1. SBTRKT – War Drums

SBTRKT is definitely one of those artists I’d love to work with, so it’s no surprise I’ve chain watched loads of his performances. Watching this video really got me into adding more live drums in my production, like on ‘Fire for Fire’.

2. Branko – Let Me Go (feat. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack)

Branko has always been a huge influence for me, not only because of his work with Buraka Som Sistema, but what he releases on his label Enchufada. After listening to this track continuously, it gave me ideas as to how I could go about structuring my music to suit vocals a lot better than I was before. Shortly after, ‘Fall’ was created.

3. Kojey Radical – Open Hand

As I’ve been writing more and more poetry over the last year and a half or so, I found myself searching for new inspiration and came across Kojey’s work. His cadence and all around style is just crazy, so it was an honour when I got to work with him, especially when I got him on ‘Fire for Fire’.

4. Atoms for Peace – Default

Listening to their album blew my mind, I kept coming back to this one track after falling in love with the drums. It’s incredibly different, and coupled with the synths and Thom’s vocals it really inspired me writing tracks like ‘Before the Lights’.

5. Atoms for Peace – Before your very eyes

I have to add in another one from AFP in because of how much they inspired my Fire for Fire EP, this is another one I couldn’t get enough of.

6. Sailor & I / Turn Around (Âme Remix)

I just loved the structure of this track and how it develops, it was a huge influence for tracks such as ‘Over the Water feat. Flaurese’.

7. Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 3 (Live)

Kendrick has been a huge influence for me, his approach to changing up his style and evolving has been a big reason why I’ve written my Fire for Fire EP. A big thirst for creating something different and not being scared to put it out.

8. SBTRKT – Hold On (feat. Sampha)

The simplicity in the instrumental really sparked an interest in me, it was definitely something which helped shape tracks such as ‘Fall’ and ‘Last Hour’ from my forthcoming EP.

Fire For Fire is out January 13. Pre-order here.

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