7 Wonders : Principals (Bradley Zero)

The third and final part of our Principals series of Hyp mixes this week arrives today from Bradley Zero Philip. Like his friends before him, Charles Drakeford & Nic Tasker, (who provided this week’s previous mixes) Bradley is another incarnation of the musical multi-tasker, co-running the Principals party with the boys, he also hosts a show on NTS Radio, curates for 22 Tracks and has accrued considerable notoriety as the dreadlocked host of countless Boiler Room broadcasts from around the globe.

Although he’s one of the most recognisable faces in a London music scene that thrives on new media and digital technology, Bradley couldn’t be more respectful of the culture of the music that he loves. This respect can be best observed by paying a visit to Rhythm Section, Bradley’s twice month shindig down at Canavan’s pool hall in Peckham. Devoid of any frills whatsoever, this is a night genuinely focused on the music-with a ban on ‘dancefloor photography’ and all vinyl mission statement two of the core tenets of this increasingly popular dance. After two successful years, its recently been  announced that the party will be expanded into a record label, with recent Hyp mix contributor Al Dobson Jr set to be the first signing.

With Record Store Day tomorrow, its apt that Hyp 174.3 is a homage to the delights of vinyl. Bradley’s wide ranging tastes mean we get treated to dusty, obscure funk, Turkish Psych, cheesy but brilliant Disco and expensively rare House alongside some new vibrations from the underground. Stream the mix below, where you can also read Bradley’s words on 7 of the gems that make up this killer selection.

Retiree – ‘Together’ (Plastic World)

A new Band from Sydney and dare I say my favourite EP of the year so far. Perfect pop music. I discovered the band via Andras Fox, who remixed a track on this EP. He’s playing with me at Rhythm Section on Saturday.

Nazan Soray – ‘HalHal’ (Öncü)

Classic Turksish Psych edited here by a shining light of the Istanbul scene, Baris K. It’s all about those thundering tom-tom rhythms on this one. I’m a big fan of the Turkish sound and I’m looking forward to heading out to Istanbul in May to have a serious dig. You can check out a special north african and Middle Eastern show i did over on NTS here. There’s some more Turkish delights within.

Double Vision – ‘Clock on the Wall’ (Profile Records) 

A joyous ode to late night dancing! “clock on the wall won’t make us stop, we won’t stop until the music stops.’
An uplifting one hit wonder with just the right amount of silly to get people in the mood. When I play this I play it with the utmost sincerity.

Al Dobson Jr. – Santiago Black (Ptaki Version)  (forthcoming Rhythm Section) 

Ptaki put out one of the best Disco Edits of 2013 (krystyna), so when I was looking for somebody to rework an Al Dobson Jr. track for Rhythm Section International, the Warsaw duo were my first port of call. They took a two minute percussion sketch and turned it into a extended dancefloor epic. I actually have no idea where the vocals or piano come from…these guys dig very deep.

Da Rebels – House Nation Under a Groove (Ugly Music) 

I had to play this because I just payed £50 for it, days before it got repressed. I feel alright about it though as it may just be my favourite early house jam. I first heard this dropped by the Beautiful Swimmers 3 or 4 years ago and it stayed with me. It’s seedy, sinister, out of tune – everything you could ask for in a House track. And that sax synth!!! Money well spent

Luv Jam – ‘Quip 22’ (Phonica White) 

Luv jam aka Coley has been quietly pushing some of the best underground UK house music for some years now. He runs the label Blind Jack’s Journey, Crow castle cuts and the new imprint BLND TRIPP. Every release is tied together with a somewhat psychedelic narrative involving a Blind road builder from Knaresborough called Jack Metcalf. This EP, released on Phonica whites features a remix from Prosumer, but in all honesty Coley’s original smashes that remix to pieces. Can’t wait to play with Mr. Jam again!

Cloudface – ‘Reduction’ (Moodhut) 

Another fantastic track from the extended mood hut family. This track, taken from the forthcoming album is a throbbing, hypnotic beast and the latest in a slew of killer releases from the Canadian Riviera. It would seem there’s something in the water because these guys, all based in sleepy Vancouver, just keep coming out with the goods. I was lucky enough to stay with them for a few days earlier this year and trust me, you couldnt meet a nicer bunch. Watch out for anything by Pender Street Steppers, aquarian foundation Jack J, Ttam Renat, Cloudface, Kinetic Electronix, House of doors, Slow riffs, local artist & co….
You can check my mood hut special on NTS to see what the fuss is about.

For information on the next Principals party see here and check out more from Bradley on NTS and Twitter. Also  be sure to stay updated via his Soundcloud and Facebook page.

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