7 Wonders: Epoch

Whilst Dubstep’s low frequency oscillations and dramatic dynamics might have initially sounded inextricably linked to the concrete jungle of Croydon from which it came, there was clearly an inherent quality that gave it global appeal. This goes some way to explaining this week’s sub heavy Hyp mix from Kiwi producer Epoch. Now living in Melbourne, the Antipodean beat maker speaks in a musical language of darkened tones that’s faithful to the genre’s roots, whilst still keeping an eye on progress and evolution. With acclaimed releases on Keysound and Soundman Chronicles, he’s marked himself out amongst the new wave producers such as Gantz, Commodo, Compa and Wen, who are hepling to ensure the genre remains a creative force. His collaboration with the latter in particular produced 2012’s ‘Hydraulics’, an ocean deep head nodder released on his own Egyptian Avenue imprint that packed fearsome bass weight.

Dropping the likes of Coki’s timelessly filthy classic ‘Lucifer’ to break you out of your Monday morning stupor, Epoch navigates between the past and the present of Dubstep, delivering a strong and clear sonic mission statement. Asking for some words on 7 choice cuts from the mix, we got presented with a humorous and enthusiastic appraisal of some tunes he holds very close to his heart. Enjoy…

1. Coki – ‘Lucifer’
That one beat delay just before the drop is kind of like Lebron James appearing suddenly while you’re shooting hoops and blocking you just as you’re about to go for a layup.

2. Epoch – ‘The Steppenwolf’ (Blackdown Remix)
Speaking of remixes, I don’t know what Martin was on when he did this but it is absolutely hectic. I haven’t actually played this out yet but I have an idea what it would do if it was applied properly in the dance. The synth that comes on in the second drop is kind of what I imagine the moon sounds like.

3. Blackdown – ‘Crackle Blues’ (Burial Remix)
I sometimes wonder what Blackdown thought when he heard this remix for the first time. It’s genuinely a timeless piece of music and pretty remarkable even by Burial standards. Also has the greatest snare in the history of the universe.

4. LAS – ‘Daggers’
LAS dropping anvils on a soundboys head.

5. Skream – ‘Rottan’
Does anything really need to be said about this tune? People act like they forgot about Skream – a lot of his older tunes are still in a league of their own 8 years later.

6. Thelem – ‘Bring Me Down’ feat. T-Man
In my opinion this tune perfectly fitted into Innamind’s catalogue, I kind of view it as a spiritual successor to the Perverse and Beezy track Cross Examination that was on IMRV001. Really slick production and T-Man murders it on the vocals. Instawheel material.

7. Commodo – ‘Buckwild’ (Gantz RMX)

The original Buckwild (and the flip Axis for that matter) was one of my favourite Medi releases in years. I couldn’t quite believe it when Gantz said he was remixing it. But once I heard those tom rolls and the stupid DOOM sample I was pretty much sold. Gantz is a real life mad scientist.


01. Epoch – Desert Gods
02. Commodo – Buckwild (Gantz RMX)
03. Gantz – Spry Sinister
04. Thelem – Bring Me Down feat. T-Man
05. Skream – Rottan
06. Epoch – Ribcage
07. Epoch – Grown
08. Skream & Loefah – 28g
09. LAS – Daggers
10. Epoch – H.A.L.O
11. Etch – Seaside Curse
12. Mala – Miracles
13. Gantz – Free Focus (Commodo Remix)
14. Facta – Lavonz (Refix)
15. Blackdown – Crackle Blues (Burial Remix)
16. LAS – Need Fire
17. Epoch – The Steppenwolf (Blackdown Remix)
18. Epoch – Attraction
19. Ruff Sqwad – Functions on The Low
20. Breakage – Rain
21. Epoch – Peace Brew
22. Commodo – $pace Ca$h
23. Coki – Luficer
24. Coki – Chicken Bop
25. Manga – God’s Creature
26. Epoch – The Steppenwolf (Gantz RMX)

Photo: Sarah McGrath

Epoch ‘11.38’ EP is out now on Soundman Chronicles, pick up your copy HERE.

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