7 visual artists that inspired The Golden Filter’s new album, Still // Alone

The duo break down the visuals that helped create their sophomore album.

Following the release of their 2010 debut project, Voluspa, Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman, known collectively as The Golden Filter, upped sticks and moved across the Atlantic to London. The changing lifestyle and experiences of the pair are reflected in the diversity of their second release, Still // Alone. It features sparse, driving house, and haunting techno on the first half – a testament to their rekindled love affair with clubbing.

The project’s second half slows down, as The Golden Filter craft ominous ballads and electro anthems guided by Trappes’ powerful vocals. It’s here the overriding themes of loneliness really shine, as the pair explore their increasing disillusionment with America, and the overwhelming isolation that goes with it.

Such emotive musical world building tends to have a clear visual aesthetic behind it, and below you can find a list of artists that inspired Still // Alone. Featuring the visual work of post-punk unit Devo, the conceptual portraiture of photographer Cindy Sherman, and the unusual beauty of Dean Winkler’s analogue experiments.

1. Cindy Sherman

We’ve both always been in love with Cindy Sherman’s questioning of the perception of women’s identities through photography.
People assume so much. In our case, it often makes us go quiet and deal mostly with imagery. We thank Cindy for that.

2. Synchrodogs

Influential odd photographer duo. Every time we open up a fashion mag, we end up saying to each other, “oh, they ripped off Synchrodogs” at least 4 times.

3. Cosi Fanni Tutti

I grew up putting Throbbing Gristle on my friend’s mixtapes in high school thanks to my older brother, which kind of kept me isolated from others pretty early in life.
The art of COUM and TG, and Cosi’s fearlessness in particular, are always on our minds when thinking of how to approach art.

4. Dean Winkler

Dreamy 70s analog video animations. Also, he did a brilliant video for Excellent Birds by Peter Gabriel and Laurie Anderson.

5. Jon Rafman

Our favourite artist at the moment. His #dreamjournal posts on Instagram are hands down the best thing on the internet.

6. Devo

Politics, manifestoes, amazing visuals, and weird synth music.. I grew up near Akron, Ohio and Devo are absolute local heroes.

7. Luis Bunel

Atheist surrealist film. I watched L’age D’or on video cassette when i had nothing else to do as a kid.

Still // Alone is out tomorrow on Optimo Music, buy it here.

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