6 acts to catch at Homobloc Festival 2019

Curating parties for over 20 years is no mean feat and the Homoelectric crew have continued to amass from its original core, to a now seismic family of residents, old and new, guest DJ’s (friends) and not forgetting their crowd!

Initiated in a gritty basement as the antidote to Manchester’s burgeoning commercialism, Homoelectric delivered a raw vibe with utmost passion and freedom as the main ingredients. Expanding now into a festival format with their Homobloc festival, they cast their doors open to thousands this weekend at Manchester’s, Mayfield Depot.

A far cry from their smaller beginnings, this growth seems a natural progression, punctuated by the right place and the right time. Drawing upon the small threads that have woven their present majestic tapestry, we highlight six must-see acts (in no particular order) who have each formed integral parts of creating their own special something.

1. Luke Unabomber

In this day and age, festival organisers are a mysterious creature, some even of myth and legend existing by mere size of their achievements and not often by name. As the founder of Homoelectric, it’s impossible to deny Luke Unabomber as a heavyweight for his contribution to the Manchester underground scene at large. The term ‘underground’ is one expelled particularly brashly today, but Mr. Unabomber is one who embodies its sentiments; passion, freewill and no questions asked. His time spent both on and off the decks, chipping away tirelessly to drive parties forward in more ways than one, makes his Homobloc address one to be fully embraced. Promising to navigate through folds of eclecticism, weighted with energy and emotion in measures completely of his own.

2. Kiss Me Again

A crew not quite matching the lifetime of Homoelectric (yet!), Kiss Me Again have organically found their own following and greater family. Exuding the raw energy that constitutes an unpretentious, DIY attitude, Kiss Me Again is most definitely a labour of love for Matthew, David and Antoin. As their sets channel ideas of how a party should feel, look (and smell?) they consistently bring their stylistic music mindedness to the fore. Regardless of set time, expect nothing short of quality music selection at the highest octane from them, as astute adventurers of the dance. They carry on the party at Night People for the Homoelectric strand of Afters events alongside Homoelectric’s cohorts Gina Breeze and Will Tramp!, Renate’s Peak & Swift and Manchester fixtures, Guy Williams and Lukas.

3. Hannah Holland

Another power lady who you’ll find firing bassy party missiles across Mayfield Depot, is ADONIS resident, Batty Bass label head and living London legend, Hannah Holland. Making her way through London’s party scene with records a plenty in tow, Hannah’s way with music is one that found her playing all the parties under the sun, weekend in, weekend out, before climbing all the way to Berlin’s adorned, Panorama Bar. Her knowledge of dancefloors allows her to guide dancers down twisted and sometimes turbulent paths, whisking them away in her free-flowing energy. With dizzying cuts of all shapes and sizes a certainty, be prepared to give yourself up to Hannah Holland.

4. Dan Beaumont

Dan Beaumont is a name etched into the foundations of London’s club scene. Promoter of London’s premium party, Chapter 10 and owner of Dalston Superstore, Voodoo Ray’s and the now defunct Dance Tunnel, alike many of his aforementioned peers, Dan’s role extends far beyond instrumentalism. As a DJ, producer and radio host on the airwaves of NTS, Dan’s Rhythm Connection show with close friend Nadia Ksaiba, sees him push and curate sounds old and new, defined by only one word, Pumpers! Incorporating feelings from across the House and Techno genres, Dan’s pulsating sets are always a pleasure, so please do allow yourself to be moved by him this Homobloc.

5. Jay Jay Revlon

If you’re looking for a place to strut, sass, VOGUE! Look no further than the presence of Jay Jay Revlon in the booth. A professional in the art of Voguing, Jay Jay has revived the London ballroom scene in new ways through his ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ events. On a mission to bring this culture front and centre, Jay Jay has done so via internationally esteemed London venues, from The Tate and Barbican, to the clubbing institution that is fabric. Musically, Jay Jay rounds the troops with attention grabbing beats, radiating the purest of energy that electrifies and uplifts all around him.

6. Jaye Ward

Likened to the straight talking, unapologetic realms of Homoelectric and leader, Luke Unabomber, Jaye Ward is a wildly enchanting talent behind the decks. Steeped in history, she has borne witness to some of London’s most treasured underground dancefloor movements, herself also instrumental in driving the scene forward. A staunch voice for her LGBTQ+ counterparts, Jaye’s messages and attitudes permeate her music and her vast knowledge base is one that continually serves her well. Airing on the Techno tip and navigating many shades in between, Jaye is one selector in the many available at Homobloc who invites dancers to stand alongside her.

Homobloc Festival takes place at The Mayfield Depot, Manchester this Saturday 9th November.

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Words: Sophie McNulty

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