5 tracks that defined Alexander Nut’s Stour Space residency

Alexander Nut reflects on his recent residency.

Over the last three months Hackney Wick’s Stour Space venue has hosted NTS Radio host and Eglo Records head honcho Alexander Nut for their first artist residency. Of the three events, the first saw the crate digger extraordinaire take to the buttons all night long, whilst the second saw Alex go back-to-back with one of the country’s finest soul musicians in Andrew Ashong.

Now approaching the third and final session, Alex has invited two special guest selectors. The first being Judah, co-host of Benji B’s legendary Deviation parties and an integral part of the Nonsense crew alongside members Josey Rebelle, Benny Blanco and Mr Wonderful. The second being Lorenzo, a collector behind Peckham’s Do You Records and boss of Fly By Night Music.

To mark the end of his residency, Alex has picked out five key tracks from the series, from rising London talent Moses Boyd to master craft edits from broken beat legend Domu.

1. 3 Winans Brothers ft. The Clark Sisters – Dance (Louie Vega Latin Soul Mix)

This one is definitely a signature tune from this residency, every time i’ve played it its had an amazing response. People know what it is as soon as they hear those intro drums… Louie Vega + The Clark Sisters is just the perfect combo, the Winans Brothers are of course super dope too! I wish there where more hook ups like this.

2. Domu Edits – Love Vibe

Originally by The Emotions, Broken beat legend Domu has come thru with this absolutely killer re-edit of ‘Love Vibes’, he’s jacked up the speed a little and filtered the EQ’s, so you don’t even need to get jiggy with the buttons once needle touches the groove. Uplifted soul that gets the dance floor workin’!

3. Steve Spacek – Follow Me

I play this record a lot, so much so that I had to eventually put the pressure on Steve to allow us to release it on Eglo. The first few sessions I’d been running it from the test pressing, but i’m happy to say that it will officially be out on vinyl to buy on the same night as the party, so i’ll be able to play a finished copy with the full artwork. It always goes nuts when i drop this.

4. Aisha – Raise Your Voice

One great thing about having a residency is to be in control of the vibes from start to finish. A lot of times at parties/club nights you can find the DJ’s and crowd get stuck in a 4×4 house and disco zone… Whilst I love taking it there too, I also need that space and freedom to be able to play plenty of dub and reggae. This is one of the tracks that i’ve played at every night at Stour Space and its always had a great response, you can see it in the peoples faces that it rocks their soul. I always have a look around at peoples reactions to tunes and I defo saw a few people get emotional to this one, which is one of the same reasons that I love it. It’s beautiful, and it meks a crowd rock!

5. Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle

This one’s serious. Full body work out on this one. Always jacks the party up another level when this drops.

Alexander Nut’s final residency takes place at Stour Space in Hackney Wick on Friday 23rd September, with tickets available over on Resident Advisor

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