5 things that inspired Sage Caswell’s wistful new LP, Hoop Earring

The Legend of Zelda and The Sunshine State.

Although he’s been steadily building steam over the past few years, 2016 will remain as the year that LA’s Sage Caswell really started making his mark on the electronic music landscape. Following his first release on Spring Theory in 2015, Sleep Quarters, Caswell’s debut full length on the label Hoop Earring was a heady slice of introspective dance music. Atmospheric, unhurried, and undoubtedly fresh, at times Hoop Earring glides hazily by soundtracking the journey through an unknown world, while at others it holds fierce, inspired floor fillers that demand movement from the listener. The album being a clear testament to his childhood, as much as it is about personal growth, and looking towards his future.

To help unpack his creative process for the record Sage shared with us his key influences, including his love of skateboarding, his home, and his mother’s photography.

1. Koholint Island

One of the themes present on ‘Hoop Earring’ relates to a video game in the Zelda series called “Link’s Awakening”, (Known as “Dream Island” in Japan). I’m a big fan of the Zelda series and this game has some of my favourite lore.

2. California


I recently left America for my first time and while there’s still lot’s of places I’d like to go, there’s no place like home! Los Angeles and San Francisco are my favorite places to be in the world, though the rest of California is spectacular as well.

3. Skateboarding

I’d venture to guess that about 80% of my day is spent daydreaming about skateboarding; Old videos and shit, tricks people have done, tricks I’d like to watch people do, etc.. Here’s Ocean Howell’s part from ‘Howard House’.

4. ESP



Unbiased – My partner Emma is one of my favourite artists – Everything she creates inspires me. Her website is filled with her artistic endeavours in multiple capacities, I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

5. This image


‘Hoop Earring’ was originally inspired by this image that my Mom took on Orcas Island – Every physical copy of the record comes with this Postcard and if you send me a picture of you holding it I’ll send you a song – Just email hoopearring@outlook.com

Hoop Earring is available now on Spring Theory, get it here.

Featured image: Sinziana Velicisu

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