5 For The Month: December

December is traditionally a time for reflection on the year that has been, but rather than add to the already countless ‘best of 2010’ lists this month Jonathan McKenzie-Wynne focusses on five UK-relevant producers from the US and Canada in a Transatlantic special.

Jacques Greene

The 21 year-old producer from Montreal makes emotionally charged, luminescent house music. This month he sees the release of both his debut EP ‘The Look’ on Lucky Me and his long awaited ‘(Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want’ as part of the ‘Night Slugs Allstars’ compilation.

Jacques Greene – The Look from LuckyMe on Vimeo.

Dubbel Dutch

New York born, now based in Austin, Texas Dubbel Dutch came to the fore earlier this year with his UK leaning ‘Throwback’ EP on Palms Out Sounds. His latest drop ‘Pulso’ is out now on Hemlock’s sister label SSSSS, a truly original piece of syncopated percussion-heavy house music.


It wouldn’t be proper to look to the US without a nod to Philadelphia native Starkey whose first body of work since his sophmore album is released this month on Civil Music. His ‘Space Traitor’ EP features five original beats and an extensive remix package. Intergalatic bass music for the seasoned space traveller.

Space Traitor Vol 1 (preview) by starkey


Originally from the UK but now residing in Los Angeles where he has spent recent years scoring films, Photek looks set to release some long awaited new material in 2011. No concrete details as of yet but Benji B premiered three brand new productions from the jungle-to-house-to-hip-hop legend earlier this month.

101 – (clip from Benji B’s Radio 1 show 25.11.2010) by Photek


Hailing from Brooklyn via Chicago Brenmar draws heavily on R&B, hip-hop, garage and, of course, juke influences for his debut ‘At It Again’, released this month via the Swedish Discobelle label. He recently put together a super XLR8R podcast and is currently readying a release for Ikonika & Optimum’s Hum + Buzz imprint.

Brenmar – At It Again
by discobelle

Jonathan McKenzie-Wynne

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