10 tracks that have inspired Laura Jones’ Sensoramic label

Including DJ Sotofett, S.A.M. and XDB.

There are many producers who break through with a flourish, riding the success of one surprise hit. Few have longevity. Laura Jones is the exception. Having been a stalwart of the house and techno circuit for half a decade now, the success Jones found following the release of her track ‘Love In Me’ was certainly no fluke. Keeping with a punishing tour schedule, she’s put out music with Leftroom, Visionquest, and Crosstown Rebels.

After launching her Sensoramic label in 2016 with a stellar 12 inch from Karousel, Jones emerged from studio isolation in October of last year for her first release since 2014. It demonstrated a mastery of dark, machine-driven dance music, seamlessly incorporating breaks and dub influences that recall the early days of UK club culture. With her The Why Question EP out now on Sensoramic, Laura sheds some light on the tracks that have influenced this young label.

1. R.X. – Desir 

This came out in 2015 on French label Tablon. It went a bit under the radar but it caught my ear instantly. I could almost listen to the tom-driven percussion and hi-hat arrangement on its own and be happy but the melodies take it to the next level.

2. Breaker 1 2 – 2

Since the first time I heard this beautiful record, it’s not left my playlist.  It works perfectly at the end of a set thanks to the enchanting and dream-like melodic synth riff and the simple but effective drum sequence. Sensoramic is about timeless music, that stands the test of time and isn’t here today, gone tomorrow and this ticks all those boxes for me.

3. U-More – Bipolar

This was one of my favourite tracks of 2015 and the track that spurred me to ask U-More otherwise know as Italian and Berlin residing Ivan Iacobucci to remix my first release. I’ve always been drawn to bassline driven hypnotic house and techno and which will be a key part of Sensoramic’s output.

4. DJ Sotofett – Current 82

DJ Sotofett’s Current 82 track was one of my favourite tracks of 2016. There’s a great video on Youtube that really captures the vibe of the music and the moment it creates. To me it’s a real moment of euphoria without being cheesy and that’s represented by a dancer in the video filmed in slow motion enraptured by the track.

5. Melchior Productions Ltd – Meditation 1

Thomas Melchior is currently remixing the third release and I’m so excited to have him on board. He’s one of my favourite producers and has been a big inspiration for me from over the years right through from his earlier Soul Capsule stuff with Baby Ford to more of his present day stuff as Melchior Productions Ltd on the likes of Lick My Deck etc.

6. Gregory Shiff, Stewart Walker – Coastline

I can’t actually remember how or where I came across this record. I have quite a few releases from Stewart Walker from over the years. This has always stood out above the rest because of the energy and the atmosphere it creates.

7. Stephen Brown – Free And Easy

Stephen Brown is one of Scotland’s finest and most underrated producers. He’s been making techno since the 90s for labels such as Djax and Transmat and more recently labels like Artless, Indigo Aera, etc. The first time I heard this, it blew my mind. I’d like to release something from Stephen one day especially if it’s as unique as this is.

7. El Mal – Citrus: 

El Mal is one of Baby Ford’s numerous aliases. This track released back in 1995 on Ifach tops the discography bill for me with it’s rolling groove-laden vibe. I love all the Ifach Collective stuff but this is a particular favourite. I take a lot of influence from this era of Baby Ford (Perbec), Melchior, etc so you’ll be hearing more minimal stripped back tones weaving their way through the label here and there. The third Sensoramic release is actually from New York based minimalist Kamran Sadeghi.

8. Daniel Andreasson – 2058

I love the emotion in this Skudge release from Daniel Andreasson, the broken beat gives it almost a touch of early 90s rave but in a modern melodic and melancholic context.  This has that early morning feeling that I love when you’re lost in the music and time seems to stand still.

9. Samuel Andre Madsen – Lost

S.A.M. first caught my ear with ‘A Glance And You Got Me’ in 2013. Since then he’s been making waves with his infectious groove-laden minimal house. When I first heard Arrakis the first release on Sensoramic, I knew he’d be such a perfect fit for remix duties so was obviously very happy when he was up for being a part of the first release. He didn’t disappoint and delivered an epic 10-minute melodic trip that couldn’t have completed the release any more perfectly.

10. XDB – Tonik

I’ve always been very drawn to percussive tracks like this one that came out on Steffi’s label Dolly a few years back. Tracks like this tow a pretty similar line the whole way through but manage to captivate and take you on a hypnotic ride and take you to the essence of what dance music is about: rhythm and groove.

The Why Question is available now on Sensoramic, get it here.

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