10 tracks that have influenced Bristol producer Decka

The rising producer selects an array of dancefloor-focused gems.

Decka debuted in 2015 on Berlin label SPE:C with the Begyndelsen EP, a three-track journey through bare-bones techno and bass, and followed up on the same label with the excellent Isolated EP last year.

He’s returning to SPE:C this month with Behemoth, a collection of three cuts primed for the rave – chock full of tightly wound percussion and punishing kicks.

Now Decka shares some of his personal favourites, offering insight into the tracks that have influenced his work to date – from Detroit pioneers Drexciya to Radiohead, Perc, and classic Surgeon. Dive in below.

1. Drexciya – Hydro Theory

The record that introduced me to the world of Drexciya. Outstanding stuff, nothing else to say.

2. Radiohead – Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box

A full length, studio recording of this track seems to be non-existent on YouTube. My dad listened and got me into Radiohead when I was younger, I’ve not looked back since. The 808 packs a punch on a system and Tom’s vocals are to die for (as per usual).

3. Biosphere – Iberia Eterea

The whole of Biosphere’s discography is worth listening to. The atmosphere and mood he creates often leaves me speechless. Too hard to pick just one track but ‘Iberia Eterea’ is an exceptionally beautiful track from Biosphere taken from his masterpiece album – Cirque.

4. Perc – Swords

The track that opened my eyes to both Perc’s productions and his Perc Trax label. Thrashy, groovy and just god-damn addictive.

5. Blawan – Breathe Them Knees In

The variation and mood generated on this track is insane. The drums are so broken but fit together perfectly. Love that moody bass, growl/groan.

6. Surgeon – A1 (Credence)

Would be rude to not include a Surgeon track on here and it’s almost impossible to single out just one track. This really shows off Surgeon’s magic to build a level of intensity that only he can replicate.

7. Maurizio – Domina

The euphoric synth work on this makes me lose myself everytime I hear it. Pure brilliance, always in my record bag. The vocal hook is sublime.

8. Vereker – Common Struggle

Pretty much everything Vereker has released has been out of this world. ‘Common Struggle’ is packed with punching gritty drums and I love how well they compliment the deep, acidic bassline which drives the track.

9. Underground Resistance – Atomic Witchdokta

This song has an addictive habit for making you dance. The crunch and groove on the drums is perfect, combined with a disco guitar lick this is a dance-floor smasher. I hear a lot of music trying to replicate this effect today, which is great, but you just can’t beat the character of this Underground Resistance track. Way ahead of its time.

10. Oscar Mulero – Still the One I Was

Upon first listening to Oscar Mulero, I think I ended up buying most of his back catalogue. This track and full release is still by far my favourite. It’s so fuckin’ trippy. The reverse claps and general percussion rhythm is too sick, you can’t not lose your mind to this.

Decka’s Behemoth EP is out April 25 on vinyl via SPE:C. Order it here.

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