10 things that inspired Eaves’ apocalyptic debut album, Verloren

From Gothic churches to the Halo cutscenes, Eaves’ influences are as varied as they are stark.

New York label PTP, fka Purple Tape Pedigree, has built up an excellent back catalogue of experimental, and at times challenging electronic music. So it’s no surprise that their latest release – and first in their PTP incarnation – is Verloren, the powerful debut LP from Brooklyn-based Eaves.

Across the board, this album represents an escalation from the young producer. Strings, synths, and harsh drums all combine to paint menacing and overbearing environments, as if writing the soundtrack to a future we all fear but is far closer than we’d like to admit. In the words of the producer: “If reality mimics our ominous, fictional projections of the future, it’s clear that our current systems aren’t resisting as much as they should be; or perhaps we will always follow the fictions we create.”

Eaves’ inspirations are not limited to music, for the former architecture student is just as likely to take great design and provocative imagery as touchstones for his art. So in this somewhat unorthodox list of influences for his new record, we find; music videos from Sam Rolfes and Werkflow, fictional cities from Liam Young, and Clive Young in Children of Men.

1. Fire at Sea

I recently just watched this documentary, and I think it should be required watching in schools – it’s visually stunning and yet so incredibly sobering, heartbreaking. Out of any documentary to come out recently, this is the one to watch.

2. Liam Young – Edgelands

Liam Young is by far my favourite architect right now… the whole “New City” series is really, really great. He also has some amazing lectures on YouTube; the final track on Verloren was named after his work.

3. Le Corbusier – Das “Couvent De La Tourette”

La Tourette is undoubtedly my favourite Corbusier project.

4. Ed Atkins – Ribbons

I saw Ed Atkin’s Safe Conduct while over in Europe this summer… everything he does is really something mind-bending and uncanny.

5. Halo – All Cutscenes

I ran this cutscene compilation a lot while writing Verloren.

6. Amnesia Scanner – AS Chingy

Sam Rolfes redefined music videos with this one… AS also with the track.

7. Patten – Epsilon

Werkflow – who did the cover art for Verloren – made one of the most beautiful and emotional videos of this year.

8. Ben Frost – Rare Decay

Who doesn’t like Ben Frost?

9. Gothic Cathedral | 3D Model by Pelp

Study of a cathedral.

10. Children of Men Ceasefire

Children of Men is probably my #1 film; this scene is my #1 scene.

Verloren is out now, get it here.

Featured image: Henry Stambler

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