10 of the best with Fortuna Records

With the upcoming Moontribe LP, we asked the leftfield label to turn back the clocks and pick their ten favourite tracks.

Hailing from the party capital of Israel, Tel-Aviv based imprint Fortuna Records are musical archaeologists, digging up dusty old records for re-issue. First releasing in 2012, the label celebrates Middle-Eastern music’s rich history with its output, finding often overlooked physchedelic and eccentric tunes before granting them with a modern new sheen. No wonder then that the label has been received with great praise; Fortuna releases have become a mainstay in the record bags of Optimo and Acid Arab. Two tracks, ‘Jamileh‘ by Ihsan Al Munzer and the debut original ‘Al Shark‘ by Kalbata, were nomiated for Track of the Year at the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The label shared the bill with Radio Trip, A-Wa, Acid Arab and BOOM PAN at a 2014 Boiler Room in Tel Aviv, curating a rollercoaster ride of a set. These performances have become the stuff of legend back in Israel and the world over, often sending crowds into a frenzied state.

The forthcoming Moontribe release, available on the 28th September, is another suitably quirky and flavourful album, loaded with hypnotic synths and mercurial percussion. Rippling echoes and cumbian rhythms evoke hypnotic effects akin to a snakecharmer’s pipe as the mysterious Moontribe plays Shaman. Very little is known about the artist behind the release, demonstrating the label’s ability to uncover diamonds in the rough and find the most obscure tunes out there. According to the sonic excavators, the album was “recorded by about a dozen musicians, following one spiritual leader, in one, unedited session…The group chose to withhold mentioning their names in order to “strip a sense of self” from what they believe, becoming a vessel for a higher being, carrying signals they do not fully comprehend.” To celebrate Moontribe’s work, we asked the label to pick their favourite songs from past releases. Check out their selections below.

Tsvia Abarbanel – “Wings of Love”

Our very first release, and still one of the most amazing records we’ve ever come across. We recently reissued this on a 12” with more unreleased music by Tsvia.

Ihsan Al Munzer – “Jamileh”

This one was a Fortuna secret weapon for a while until we decided it’s simply too good to not be out there. Working with our Lebanese partners has definitely been a special moment for us in Fortuna.

Koko – “Chilly Chilly”

Koko passed away earlier this year. We were fortunate to meet him briefly and release this incredible track on The Brothers’ Hafla compilation in his lifetime. RIP Koko!

Aris San – “Dam Dam”

The definitive Greek/Israeli killer record by Aris San. Realizing his daughter lives around the corner from us in Tel Aviv and meeting her was an incredible experience.

Levitros – “Kara Kaslar”

Our most popular record to date, and for a good reason. A stone cold Turkish killer!

Shimshon Miel – “Nueiba Nueiba”

We’ve been pushing club bangers from the get go, but sometimes it’s time to get mystical. Miel’s obscure record does just that.

Yehzkel Matari – “Halachti Layam”

This is a signature track from our Yemenite compilation Da’asa, the first to ever feature this unique style of music.

Ruema Abas – “Wana Fda Leumi”

Also from our Da’asa compilation, this track is the dictionary definition of timeless. Shout out to Avigad Bagio for pointing it out to us.

Jazz Workshop – “Mezare Israel Yekebtzenu”

Quite a few of our records were produced by Mr. Albert Piamenta, the man behind this amazing and incredibly rare Jazz record.

Moontribe – “Bottles”

Moontribe is our latest release, however we have very little information about it. It was given to us by a group guided by a spiritual leader and asked to remain anonymous. The music however speaks for itself.

Pre-order your copy of the Moontribe LP here, available for download and on wax.

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