10 artists that have inspired the gritty club sound of E-Saggila

The Toronto collective, Forth, is comprised of Hadi Mousattat, Lukas Switlicki, Joel Eel and Mark Hill. They set out to introduce a rave scene in their city and made a name for themselves throwing DIY parties by luring in the likes of, Avalon Emerson, Octa Octa and DJ Stingray. Having released the first volume of their Various Artists in 2018, they published the second instalment, Various Artists Vol.2, last month.

E-Sagglia is one of those featured on the latest release, she’s also Toronto based and has a penchant for the DIY. She’s been busy working in the industry co-founding the label Summer Isle, which has amassed an incredible 59 releases in its lifetime. Releasing her debut record Dedicated to Sublimity, last year on Bank Records, the six-track record garnered a lot of acclaim for its innovative take on techno. ‘Reflex’, her harrowing contribution to Forth’s second volume; sees her continue in the direction of carving industrial, layered, and unforgiving analogue experiments.

Catching up with her, E-Saggila picks out a collection of artists that have “inspired [her] to go beyond the barriers of electronic music”. With music from Deena Abdelwahed, Niksi, Mun Sing, and Saint Abdulla, read on below.

1.Saint Abdullah – Children at War

This project is something I recently discovered and so glad I did. Iranian duo based in Brooklyn/Tehran constructing agitating industrial body by religious and political history of Iran. Been telling everyone about this.

2. Bladee – Side By Side (Ft. Thaiboy Digital)

Autotuned Stockholm force. All of his songs are on repeat.

3. Deena Abdelwahed – Arroubi

Love this track. Really been into her individual take on electronic music.

4. Nkisi – Destruction Of Power

Saw her play at NorbergFest last year and loved the nasty drums.

5. Via App – Toxicon

True maniac. That’s it.

6. Thoom – Wound As Pocket

One of my favourite artists right now. Keep a lookout for something special in the future.

7. Casual Gabberz Army – 3L Reloaded

Wild hardcore terror from France. Everything from this collective is ruthless.

8. Bonaventure – Hopelessness

Overall production from Bonaventure is top.

9. Low Jack – Robert

Unrefined dancehall teardown from France.

10. Mun Sing – Fantasy OD

Love how hard this bangs. Looking forward to hearing more from this project.

‘Various Artists Vol.2’ has a 300 limited release, so be quick to grab one of the last 40.

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