10 aggressive ‘power electronic’ tracks from Scalameriya’s collection

Scalameriya is a well-travelled DJ, that’s played across Europe. His unrelenting sets are similar to his productions, confrontational, angular, and grating, which are released on multiple labels including his own, Genesa Records. His unique sound was born out of sci-fi, dystopian, and manga influences, along with discovering techno at a young age. The tracks he makes are in conversation with these passions as well as his own life, the outcome is tunes that have their own personalities.

The hard hitting Serbian gets us through the winter months with a powerful EP ‘Enhance… Stop!’, full of broken bass and twitchy synths. It’ll be sure to send your body into meltdown at a club, at home, in the park, wherever.

We had a chat with him following his new release and he’s given us ten of his favourite ‘Power Electronic’ tracks that include songs by Rrose, Parallx, and JoeFarr; he had this to say about them, “I was asked to create a top 10 list related to the term “Power Electronics”. How I see it, they needed to be driven by a synth or a structure that triggers images of electricity, lasers and pure power.”

01. Umek – Gatex (Potential)

02. JoeFarr – Failed Youth (Onnset)

03. Scalameriya – Ouroboros (Genesa)

04. Tommy Four Seven – 2084 (47)

05. Rrose – Waterfall (Sandwell District)

06. Yaporigami – Lascivous Collection (Hz-Records)

07. Roboknob – Dexydi (Macro)

08. Justin Maxwell – The Windey Man (Palette)

09. Miclodiet – Little Boy (Genesa)

10. Parallx – Painite Vitnir (R-Label Group)

You can pick up ‘Enhance… Stop!’ here.

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