01 Mar

Whoopie! With New Young Pony Club++

The Drop/ Three Crowns Basement, 175 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 0LH

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You get it by now, Whoopie!!!!!

Forget all the techno black and ketamine basement invasion after-parties with suprise lazers and out of season christmas tree installations. Save all that stuff for Saturdays and Fridays, but on the first Thursday of every month, after getting all cultural and bored on Brick Lane, try a jog or bus up to Stokey and have your first cold non-free beer at Whoopie Party!!

This month we have HOTTIES from cool bands who like really fun, party beatz, Tahita Bulmer (FIT) and Sarah Jones (FIT) and maybe the other two (FIT)(FIT) from NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB… DJing some booty bass and smooth jazz hits, not just 80’s electro and some garage anthems like you might expect… so I hear they are really big in Australia.

Also for the girls, we have the NZCA/LINES tough guys, all my lady friends have said these guys are HOT, I wouldn’t know being a hetrosexual male but they have good taste my friends so yeah… Anyway they play really cool Hip Hip x Electronica Clash stuff, always vibin’ to darrr mixxxisss.

Heres one… http://soundcloud.com/lo-loaf-recordings/nzca-lines-nzca-2046-mixtape

Obvz me and Vince will be there to fill the gap and promote the new dance routine… I love you my babyzzz xxxx

Whoopie! With New Young Pony Club++
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