24 Jun

Vice Issue Launch

The Green Door Store, Trafalgar Street, Brighton

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Vice Issue Launch w/ Hyetal, I.R.O.K., Murlo, Xanadu, Superheroes of BMX, 13 Monsters

Entry: FREE
Doors: 11pm-4am


More inspired by “honest references” than the dance music of his peers, it draws on his background in soundtracking and visual art, taking influence from the VHS electronics of Games and Boards of Canada, and cushioning tracks in collages of ambient samples while distant drums reverberate across the horizon.



Former members of DEAD KIDS (Trans Am, Weird War, Prodigy, Sona Fariq) have a new project called I.R.O.K . “Life forms, remove the shackles of the bondage that they keep you in: GET FREE. This is your time to wake up from the heavy heavy sedation.The Arganoids are coming. No, they are already here. Eat. Work. Drink. Fuck. Sleep. GET FREE. IROK is the parallel. IROK is your escape. IROK is the Republic where we will meet in sweat, blood and joy.”


Vice Issue Launch
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