17 Feb

Roost Presents Paul Woolford, Boddika & Friends

7-9 Crucifix Lane, London SE1 3JW

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Line-up /
Paul Woolford (Planet E, Hotflush, Cocoon, Intimacy)
Boddika (Non plus, SWAMP81)

James & Tristan (Roost)
Fold! (HomePark)
Lawson (NTS Radio)

Roost returns for February 2012 with a lineup which we have wanted to pull together for quite sometime.

We roll into 7-9 Crucific Lane, which was chosen specifically for this event as the atmosphere of the tunnels are going suit the sounds perfectly. In addition the newly installed Funktion One system is superb!

Line Up

Paul Woolford (Cocoon, We love!, Intimacy, Hotflush, Planet E)

Very happy to announce that Paul Woolford returns to play for us again!.

After yet another huge year for Paul which has included releases on the legendary Planet E, Phonica Records and releases on his own label Intemacy. Towards the end of 2011 he once again stepped up to the forfront of forward thinking house and techno with “Stolen” released on Hotflush.

“Stolen” produced alongside Psycatron, demonstrates Pauls ability to merge house, bass and techno effortlessly, once again the track is scarred with his signature style of shuffling tom rolls which we all know and love!!.

Following yet another successful summer at Space Ibiza where arguably he brings the most upfront and class house and techno to the terrace. He recently dropped into london town and played at the boiler room, and took the roof off, dropping bombs a plenty including personal edits, upcoming Midland tracks.

Paul is personally looking forward to this party and is infused about the booking alongside Boddika, the venue is perfect and the sound system is mighty so lets get cracking!

Paul Woolford Soundcloud
Paul Woolford Facebook
Paul Woolford Twitter

Boddika (non plus+, SWAMP81)

Boddika’s sounds are shaking the scene to its very core, slamming down with a raw take on things that’s making all journalists scramble for the right genre tag. Is it electro? Techno? Old? New? Harking the expansive sounds of Luke Vibert, the analogue programming of Juan Atkins early work, and the rawness of the Drexciya/Dopplereffekt family, Boddika is the newest project of Al Green, 1/2 of the boundary-pushing duo that’s re-written the rules completely, Instra:mental.

Every production be it his own tracks or collaborations come with Boddikas’ signature layers of full, analogue sounds that are as intense as they are immaculate. With almost juke-fuelled vocal chants, innovative drum patterns that morph and develop with each bar, and deep, mechanic stabs, there’s hardly any trace of the bass genres Green may be known for, but yet it doesn’t quite fit comfortably in any defined 4/4 box either. In short: it sounds like absolutely nothing else.

Al, runs the infamous non plus records which is going from strength to strength with a run of releases which include Kaseem Mosse, Lowtec, Actress, Skream, Jon Convex and d bridge. If you haven’t checked the label do so. Lowtec “cold red” has been dropped by Roost residents left right and centre!.

2012 is going to be an total smash for Boddika. Put Boddika and Joy O in a room and you are going to get pure dance floor music. Currently they have about 5 dubs which are being dropped by pretty much every known house, bass, techno dj out there. These include “Swims”, “Mercy”, “Dun Dun” and “Froth”….the list goes on


The man behind the Fold alias is Rob Glassett, also one half of the London-based deep house duo HomePark. This project sees him explore a faster tempo, experimenting with both house and garage sounds whilst retaining select elements of deep house. The quality of recent releases which include ‘Deployming’ displays the talent Fold’s has to offer. Rob joins us again to play at Roost following some of his recent gigs including Northern Purpose at LIFE alongside Joy O. Check some Fold! releases/fresh tracks here


Playing what is always an incredibly fresh selection of house, techno, bass and other forms electronic music, Lawson has gained a great following from his NTS Radio show. With recent appearances across some of London’s top venues, Lawson is most definitely one to watch!.

Last but no means least, roost residents James Wright & Tristan Grace will be bring their sounds to crucifix arch!
Download their guest mix from NTS radio here

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Roost Presents Paul Woolford, Boddika & Friends
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