22 Jun

Origins, Day & Night: Pangaea & Jensen Interceptor

Mick's Garage Queens Yard, London, E9 5EN

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Line-up /
Pangaea [Hessle Audio] Jensen Interceptor [Craigie Knowes, Central Processing Unit] Kwasnek [Origins Sound] TOKN [Origins Sound] Trebor [Origins Sound]

Origins Fragmented II
Day & Night Night Party
Line up: Pangaea & Jensen Interceptor
Laa + Trebor + Na Fata + Tokn + Kwasnek
Open Air Garden [1400 – 2030] / Club [2030 – 0400] Saturday 22nd June | 1400 – 0400 | Mick’s Garage

Food, Drink, Funktion 1 Soundsystem, Two Outdoor Areas and A lovely indoor dancefloor!x

Day & Night Parties are back, 14 Hours, starting in The Garden, and heading into Mick’s Garage from 2030.

It’s gonna be a delight. Hessle Audio’s Pangaea returns to our dance, his releases last year both on his own label Hadal and Hessle have been regulars since their arrival, and he always packs the punch!

First time outing at Origins for the Jensen Interceptor, everything he’s released from his powerful collabs with Assembler Code on Private Persons, to his electro & breaks wonders on Space Factory, you gotta have a Jensen Interceptor tune in every set, absolutely fantastic.

As usual, the Origins Residents will be filling the gaps <3

Origins, Day & Night: Pangaea & Jensen Interceptor
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