25 May

Natural Selection with Scan 7, Developer, The Exaltics, Annie Hall & More

FOLD Gillian House, Stephenson St, London E16 4SA, UK

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Scan 7 (live) (UR, Solar One Music, Tresor)
Developer (Modularz, Mote-Evolver)
The Exaltics (live) (Bunker, Clone, Solar One Music)
Annie Hall (Central Processing Unit, Detroit Underground)
Kodah b2b Voicedrone (Natural Selection / FOLD)

NATURAL SELECTION are thrilled to announce their 2nd rave at FOLD, London, bringing another savage lineup consisting of some of the most cutting-edge artists in the scene:

SCAN 7 (live) (Underground Resistance, Solar One Music, Tresor)

We are proud to bring Scan 7 back to London from Detroit for part of their European ‘United We Scan’ Tour. With close ties to, and alliance with the legendary Underground Resistance, Scan 7 is a mysterious Detroit underground collective who need no introduction. One of the original Detroit Techno pioneers they have consistently released on major labels since 1993 and still continue to perform all over the World and have always stayed true to their underground roots.

Balaclava-clad and armed with Yamaha rhythm machines, MPCs and mounted mixing desk, they bring a live show of original, improvised and alternate variations of their music, sequential to unreleased wares and newer cuts. This is not just any live show, this is an unmissable musical experience.

DEVELOPER (Modularz, Mote-Evolver)

Flying in from the US, Developer is one of a few active DJ/Producers that emerged from the Los Angeles Techno scene in the early 90’s. Over the last 2 decades Developer has played in various countries as well as taking part in laying a foundation in the LA Techno culture by producing events and exposing various first time international talents throughout the mid to late 90’s.

Developer gained much of his acclaim and extensive performance history from his strong mixing and programming skills as well as the ability of playing 40 – 60 records per hour on 3 turntables with effect processor and sampler. He has released on some of the most esteemed Techno labels including Luke Slater’s legendary Mote-Evolver and his own label Modularz.

THE EXALTICS (live) (Bunker, Clone, Solar One Music)

Based in the humble city of Jena in central Germany, Robert Jockel started producing music in the late 90s. His music and performances as The Exaltics have seen him dominate the Electro scene for years.

With the bulk of his music now released on his ever-growing Solar One Music, Robert’s world of shadowy Electro has gravitated to discerning imprints such as Shipwrec, Bunker, Clone West Coast Series and Crème Organization. Robert has collaborated with Drexciya’s Gerald Donald for Solar One Music’s Hubble Telescope Series as Project STS-31, and Arne Weinberg as Val_Ex, with Gerard Hanson (aka Convextion) also welcomed into the Solar One Music fray under his E.R.P. alias. Add names like Helena Hauff, Ekman, Egyptian Lover, Drvg Cvltvre and the late Andreas Ghem to the body of artists delivering Solar One Music its lone aesthetic, Robert’s purism and integrity to his field of science fiction, acid-influenced Electro is undeniable.

ANNIE HALL (Central Processing Unit, Detroit Underground)

DJ and producer Annie Hall has been steadily carving a name for herself as an artist who enjoys diversity. Born and bred in Spain, Annie started her life as a DJ in 2003.
With a long time passion for music and a love of experimenting with new sounds, Annie isn’t constrained by boundaries. Producing since 2005, she has released on labels such as Central Processing Unit, Blank Code, Flash Recordings, Semantica Records, Minnuendo, D1 Recordings and Detroit Underground. Annie spent time living close to Detroit which allowed her to forge close ties with the music community there, becoming part of Detroit Underground. A multidisciplinary arts collective, it functions ‘primarily as a label dedicated to bridging the gap of modern experimental music and Detroit techno.’

Garnering recognition for her unique expression, in recent years Annie has played at Sonar Festival, Detroit Movement Festival and Dommunie in Tokyo. Her DJ sets are tinged with darkness but have a strong Detroit Techno feeling with a dynamic vibe.

KODAH b2b VOICEDRONE (Natural Selection / FOLD)

A perfect collaboration for a back to back set between Natural Selection co-founder Kodah and FOLD co-founder Voicedrone. Symbolising the newly found union between the two collectives, this will be a memorable set from two of London’s finest selectors.

Hailing from a tiny town called Mestia in Georgia, Voicedrone started as one of the key figures in Georgia’s thriving Techno movement. Running his own label, Imprfct., the artist known as Lasha Jorjoliani has carved a name for himself in London’s underground, electronic music scene.

Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kodah has frequently brought the most cutting-edge Techno and Electro to some of the best club venues in London. Kodah’s passion and well informed knowledge of underground Techno, Electro, Detroit and Ghetto Tech have given his sets a somewhat complex and unique quality, and he is now cementing his up and coming status in the London underground. He has also produced an array of exciting unreleased tracks recently, and there will be a lot more to come in future.

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Natural Selection with Scan 7, Developer, The Exaltics, Annie Hall & More
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