05 Jan

A History of UK Pirate Radio with Slimzee

Camden Assembly

On the 5th January we rewind to UK Dance Music’s most dynamic period, the decade of pirate radio. We delve back to the begginings of Rinse FM and where it all started – Slimzee’s yard.

Pirate radio was a time characterised as a melting pot for the creation of what is now known as the London sound:

– jungle
– garage
– grime
– dubstep
– UK funky and beyond.

Cast yourself back to a time when stations were at risk from both the Police and rival stations battling to pledge allegiance to a viciously talented roster of MCs and selectors: Wiley, KANO, Skepta, Chip and many many more using Pirate Radio as an essential battleground for success.

Rinse FM stood as a crucial backbone to the exposure and existence of pirate radio. Functioning as pirate from its birth in 1994, it wasn’t until 2010 that it ran off a license. Who better to soundtrack this shoobs than a key mastermind behind Rinse and it’s pirate beginnings. Ladies and gentleman, enter Slimzee.

It was Slimzee’s house that was the original location for Rinse broadcasting. Join us as we pay homage to a seminal period in UK Bass culture, taking it back to Slimzee’s yard.

A History of UK Pirate Radio with Slimzee
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