YouTube Surfing: Citizen

This week we call upon recent Love Fever signing and all round house badman, Citizen. Releasing your debut EP on Kerri Chandler’s Mad Tech Records is no mean feat and now South London’s Laurence Blake is set to blow with ‘Room Service’ on London label Love Fever. Despite only having a small amount of releases, Citizen is gradually carving out an individual and refreshing trail in house music, in a landscape full of mediocracy.

Check out this top-drawer selection of tracks that remain close to his heart…

Layo & Bushwacka! – Love Story (Tim Deluxe Mix)

“Many moons ago I’d get high with one of my ‘bffs’ Lorraine and this video would come on MTV dance or whatever and we’d sit there in a trance. Powerful stuff. Where is she now?”

Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle

“I was recently reminded of this from a review of my work. One of the first singles I ever bought. That cat in the video always stuck with me. I hate cats.”

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

“Another one from the youth vaults. This video is full of win, and the band themseleves are not afraid to express themselves regardless of how utterly insane they appear to be.”

Daft Punk – Interstella 5555

“This link will probably get removed soon but if you havent seen it, i implore you, for real. It’s one of the finest marriages of music and animation from one of the most important electronic outfits of our time. It’s long too, in a good way.”

Alice Smith – Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton remix)

“A modern classic from an amazing producer and a Love Fever favourite. First introduced to me by Matt Waites a while back. Still as powerful now as back then.”

Minnie Riperton – (Inside My Love)

“Filthy, beautiful song by an amazing woman. Sampled to death to various degrees of success. One for the time capsule.”

Jill Scott – Gettin’ In The Way

“Yet another tune from the history books. Do you remember where you were when you first saw this. Vaseline.”

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

“Amazing video and track right here from a british institution who are still sidelined from most british institutions. No one hates this.”

Michael Jackson – You Rock My World (Extended Version)

“Drew for the extended version because the video is genius. Don’t really think I need to explain anything else…”

Suga Free – On My Way

“Drama and great storytelling. Grease to the maximum. I’m not even kidding. Pimpin’ aint easy but somebody gotta do it. ‘Fyi’ just recently sampled the hook.”

Catch Citizen at secretsundaze Go Bang! at The Roundhouse & Proud Camden on 26th August.