West Norwood Cassette Library Teases Forthcoming Spatial EP

WNCL Recordings adds London producer Spatial to its catalogue with a 4-track EP.

Bob Bharmra aka West Norwood Cassette Library continues to deliver on his eponymous label with a forthcoming EP from London bass alchemist Spatial, a producer who rose to prominence in 2008 on his own Infrasonics label. At a time when dubstep was undergoing something of an identity crisis, Spatial’s hybridisation of the sound with garage and techno dynamics proved an instant hit. In the time since he’s continued to release on Infrasonics as well as signing the likes of Xxxy, Jamie Grind and Kingthing. Most recently he’s dropped EPs on Well Rounded and Stillcold, with his latest venture due for release on WNCL Recordings in May.

The 14th offering on WNCL, Spatial’s 4-tracker is unmistakably techno in content. On the A side ‘Set Apart’ is a dark mistress of a track, conceived solely to move the dancefloor. Imagine early jacking techno flavours with a modern cut, rhythmically placed off-beat stabs keeping the song driving forward. The wonk-fest of ‘Lost’ does exactly what it says on the tin and would probably make you feel just that when slammed through a rig. Following on the B Side ‘Right Now’ is rough analogue techno, offset by surprisingly warm vocal samples and synth stabs, whilst ‘Syn Cop’ comes through on a grinding electro flex. Banging. Stream the EP clips below.