Timeless: Ben Klock

Ben Klock needs little introduction to anyone who knows a thing or two about techno. His initial thirst for djing came from Goldie’s timeless track ‘Inner-City Life’, initially spending a short amount of time playing out as a drum and bass dj, ultimately finding “house and techno to be more powerful, timeless and fun”. After time spent flirting with a few different labels Klock’s own productions found a home at seminal techno label Ostgut Ton.

As a Berghain resident his marathon 8 hour sets have become the stuff of legend, exploring every strain of the techno culture, within the club widely considered as one of the purest environments in the world to experience techno music. We exchanged emails with the man himself to talk over his creation process, the Berghain and the future of techno.

What encouraged your involvement with electronic music?
Well it all started with electronic music, techno and early 90’s stuff, I was looking for something new. I’ve been through all kinds of music and I had this hunger for a new sound and this electronic music was something completely new which wasn’t there before. This music was based on creating sounds more than something with all these arrangements, that really caught me. I just still love this feeling of a deep heavy bass and a bass drum.

Could you describe your process of creation?
Sometimes I have an idea that I want to reach from the start, sometimes it just happens from experimenting. The process of creation is not always the same, I like to play around and it all comes together!

Ben Klock – ‘Subzero (Original Mix)’

Would you agree if I say that Ostgut Ton and the Berghain have given techno music a new direction?
A lot of people call this ‘Berghain techno’ at the moment – I don’t really like this stamp. People have a picture of what ‘Berghain techno’ is and we don’t share the same point of view. In a way, it is true that we may have started a new direction of electronic music which is based on the music that was there before.

You’ve got your own label (Klockworks). What is the direction of the label?
The idea of the label is a little bit more like a kind of a draft. The music that I do on my label isn’t so arranged, and I can assume that it is club tools and stuff like that – it’s more quickly made…

Where do you see the direction of techno going in the next few years?
Interesting! I am definitely sure it will go in a good direction. At the moment there are a lot of new artists producing good music and there are enough artists that are relevant at the moment, and that makes me confident!

What does your home city represent for you?
Other places like Detroit have their own kind of universe. In Berlin, it all comes together. There is a big club scene, a big party crowd and a lot of producers. I am very pleased to be in this situation. I mean, I’m originally from Berlin and it’s always been like that. I still believe in the Berlin vibe and I hope we will be able to keep it non-commercial!

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