Stream Gatekeeper Album ‘Exo’

The new New York City duo release their debut album, ‘Exo’, available to stream here.

With releases from NGUZUNGUZU and Hype Williams, Hippos in Tanks is a forward-thinking label attracted to an eclectic range of musical styles. It is therefore no surprise that Gatekeeper make their attention-grabbing debut with the imprint.

The record is a fusion of acid and techno, a remarkable follow-up to their highly acclaimed EPs. There is a distinctly futuristic feel to this LP, with screeching synths which promote a sense of unease, yet the firm drive of drums and solid basslines throughout add contrast and the listen is laced with euphoric ethereal breaks.

‘Exo’ is a complex listen requiring a little bit of attention to let the whole album play as each track elegantly blends into the next.

Stream ‘Exo’ below:

‘Exo’ LP Tracklist:
1. Imax
2. Exolift
3. Visitor
4. Bog
5. Vengier
6. Hydrus
7. Pre – Gen
8. Tree Drum
9. Dromos
10. Aero
11. Re – Gen
12. Encarta