Mala To Release Super Dub Mix Of Noches Suenos

Brownswood Recordings will drop a limited 10″ remix of the second single from Mala In Cuba.

2012’s ‘Mala In Cuba‘ saw Croydon dubstep lynchpin Mark Lawrence venture to the warmer climes of Havana, producing an album steeped in both the sonic heritage of its protagonist and the native musicians he collaborated with. Released on Brownswood Recordings, stable of long time Latino ambassador Gilles Peterson, the release blended traditional Cuban vocals and instrumentation with the sub-heavy soundsystem dynamic that defines Lawrence’s body of work.

The second single to be released from the album was ‘Noches Suenos’, featuring Havanan vocalist Danay Suarez, and Mala has linked up with friend and collaborator Simbad to create a deep, dubbed out reworking of the track. The ‘Super Dub Mix’ will be released via Brownswood on a one-sided 10″ pressing, limited to 1000 copies. Check the video below for the results, and pre-order here ahead of its June 26th release.

Photography: Teddy Fitzhugh