scott kemp

What I’m Listening To: Scott Kemp

Aged only 24, Scott Kemp is already holding his own in the highly competitive  international Tech-House scene. Receiving support from highly rated Desolat leading lady tINI, Kemp’s melodic and driving tracks have earned him countless releases and sets all over the world, with his star showing little sign of fading anytime soon. Ahead of his appearance at the Guerilla Agency showcase this Saturday 21st December at Cafe 1001, Kemp put together this promo mix and treated us to a selection of his favourite tunes of the moment…

Ekkohaus – Unsound

This song is one of my all time favorite tracks. I remember I first heard it at Fabric London quite a few years ago I think Fergie was playing it. Couldn’t find it for so long, then one day I was sitting in a friend’s car listening to Cocoon ’10 years’ album and I was re-united with this great track so there is a big sentimental value on this track for me as I always remember it with that moment at Fabric.

Matthew Herbert – Its Only (DJ Koze Remix)

Just something about this song that gives me goose bumps every time. I love listening to this track from start to finish.

Stathis Lazarides – Stepping up (2).

Again just one of those tracks that I really connect with and never get bored of. So much going on in the track but very well balanced with cool noises and an awesome yet very simple effect synth so catchy and the bass PHOOOOOORRRRRRRR

Coldfish – Revelation One (G.Verrina & G. Ventura Remix)

This track is a long vinyl only track. Its funny I never knew anything about ALL INN records until we had a party in London and we had two of my German friends; Alex Van Ratingen and Phil Clash, come over. Phil plays only vinyl and had ordered one too many so gave it to me as a gift and now I find myself always playing it and buying all their other releases too.

Prince of Denmark – Nymphonic Signjam

This is a song you need to just listen to and understand why I play it. I think this record sold out in about 5 days and I was luck enough to purchase one just in time.

Scott Kemp – Neptis (Anthea Remix)

I was blessed to meet Anthea at Fabric. One of my biggest influences without a doubt and I’ve been lucky enough that she has actually remixed 2 or 3 tracks of mine, but this one is my favourite and I always play it.

Crowe-ther –Street Company

This track JESUS is so RAW. He is a good friend of mine based in London and he really does make some absolutely brilliant music but this is the one for me once its in full swing. The bass and spooky synths just blew me away when I first heard it.

Miss Jools & Scott Kemp – Counter Culture

I love Jools so much I think she is probably the best person to work with and generally such a lovely person plus she’s a Londoner which means we have a lot of jokes whilst making music but also very grateful to work along side her. this track is a big deal to me as its on one of the longest going and well respected labels of all time Mobilee.

Scott Kemp – Oh Yea

Well this track for me was one of the bigger stepping stones so far. I made this so long ago and at the time I got a message from tINI (I didn’t know of tINI at the time). She messaged me on Soundcloud, with me oblivious to who she is, I though yeah I’ll send it to her. Well I sent it and looked her up after on the internet and DESOLAT and her tunes were just next level stuff I was thinking why on earth would she want a track of mine. Regardless she played it in Ibiza on Ibiza global radio and that was it, Soundcloud followers went up quickly which was nice and very humbling but I still couldn’t work out why as I didn’t know she had used it on the radio yet a friend of mine rang me and was like ‘DUDE tINI played your tune on Ibiza global radio’. So long story short I’m very thankful that tINI supports my music and she is also another massive influence to why I do what I do and to others as well.