Zoltan - Granholme

Zoltan – ‘Pluton’ EP (Granholme Recordings)

It’s always a difficult task for a new label to forge a path for itself through the crowded world of bass music, but getting someone of the calibre of Graphics in for your first release surely can’t hurt. Such was the way for Granholme Recordings, the fresh-faced imprint who now return with a second release of equal strength from
Amsterdam-based Zoltan.

The native Romanian delivers another collection of club-centric, bass-heavy productions to keep the fledgling label on track, continuing a relationship with Granholme that saw him contribute a tough-as-nails remix on that aforementioned Graphics release (a favour which is returned here on the promo only reworking
of ‘When I’m’). Zoltan kicks his own Granholme debut off with a hard-hitting chunk of stuttering future house in the form of ‘Pluton’. The track twists and turns before dropping into a solid hammering of bass and hi hats, drilling through mangled vocal samples as they work through the arrangement.

‘When I’m’ delivers the fundamentals of floor-filling house with precision, cementing ‘Pluton’ as a release squarely aimed at the clubs. Crisp, dry kicks and snares underpin demented vocal chops and stabs of keys, a cavernous low end nailing it all to the floor. The tone becomes more relenting as Graphics reconstructs its composite
elements during his refit of the track, slowing the pace and increasing the unease into an interesting reading of the original.

Zoltan isn’t presenting anything new or challenging here, it’s clearly not his M.O. But the measured and focused approach he takes to his craft is refreshing, and the funky rumblings of the digital-only inclusion ‘You Don’t’ stand up against anything else in the field. All eyes on Granholme, people. There could be something big brewing over

Tom Quickfall

The ‘Pluton’ EP is available now via Granholme Recordings.