Youandewan – ‘Youandewan EP’ (Aus Music)

Out of nowhere an Acid line bursts into ‘Tino’ after a few bars of solo handclaps die. I certainly wasn’t expecting that surprise! Throughout Youandewan’s self-titled EP he manages to consistently marry suspense with atmosphere. This is classic Deep House (whatever that might be), stripped back and essentially instrumental, without becoming explicitly minimal. The Acid on ‘Tino’ doesn’t stick around all that long and makes way for some spaced out synth breaks. However when the Acid does make a reappearance it does so under the influence of some pleasantly crude delay. ‘Tino’ isn’t strictly Acid House music more House music with a splash of Acid (if that makes any sense). It does however share the darker flavour that a lot of the archetypal Chicago output bathes in, which makes for an enjoyably odd mix when paired with the deeper elements of the track.

‘Alright Son’ is easily the most overtly jacking of the tracks, aimed squarely at a trendy Berlin bar at four o’clock in the morning. It cracks into the sort of nostalgia acts such as Bicep have been mining for a while now. A barely audible vocal sample rolls throughout while the tried and true Deep House staples of a simple consistent bassline and flowery pads work with each other. The relative simplicity of the lengthy track is compensated for by inventive and perky drums.

‘FM Jam’ opens the B-side with a booming bass drum. A spacey synth wobble which wouldn’t sound out of place on an early album by The Orb, fluctuates throughout a large portion of the track. While perhaps a little too smooth for its own good, the track progresses well and maintains a gentle and playful maximalist attitude. The Andres remix of ‘FM Jam’ is essentially the same beast as the original but with a few almost breakbeats thrown in and the jazz dialled up to 11. Fans of Andres (and I know there are many after the almost universally worshiped ‘New For U’) will be satisfied with his take on the track, especially considering his lack of releases since the aforementioned record. I’m sure many would appreciate it if he could have chucked in a few more strings though!

There’s little ground breaking or innovation to be heard here but all the tracks are executed with enough precision and style to make this one of the most surprisingly rewarding EP’s of the year so far.

The ‘Youandewan’ EP is out now on Aus Music, pick up your vinyl copy HERE. Digital format to follow.

Will Warren