Witch - Vent

Witch – ‘Vent’ (PT/5)

Spawned as a result of their Orthodoxy is Unconsciousness blog, Happa and good friend Al Gill, also know as Erl Gerll, have launched their own imprint, PT/5 records. After releasing on various labels including Bleep and Boomkat, and of course the superlative Four Tet remix, Happa has solidified himself as a producer who consistently pushes the boundaries of Techno and Experimental music due to an innovative approach and a solitary perspective. With an ever-increasing fan base and lengthy list of supporters, now seems a good a time as any for the duo to collaborate on a project that aims to facilitate the art of others.

Leicester based duo Witch will inaugurate PT/5s release schedule with their four-track EP ‘Vent’. The release will be the duo’s first EP, with previous offerings coming in the way of the unrelenting ‘Husk’, featured on the ‘Advanced Rhythms Vol 1’ compilation. The EP opener ‘Vent’ commences with a pervasive kickdrum, a nod to the industrial influence permeating the direction of British Techno for some time now. Heavily distorted and overdriven, the aesthetic is a menacing one. Complimentary crunchy claps and abrasive acid lines drive the track and provide the depth to maintain interest. The textural subtlety implemented later in the piece contributes to an expansive evolving environment, never relinquishing in impetus. Track two comes in the form of a Truss’ ‘Vent’ remix, an early supporter of the duo aptly recruited. The drilling foundation is assimilated by buoyant synth lines resulting in a less intimidating atmosphere. A minimalist approach favours the EP and Truss exercises restraint and dynamism between rhythmic relationships, morphing the original in to a grinding, developmental piece.

The mysteriously titled ‘S2007’ again deploys eroded textures and contorted kicks, manifesting a curt, stern and bold palette. The skippy, rigorous rhythmic elements marry erratic synth lines providing extra actuation. Much like ‘Vent’, ‘S2007’ boasts the capability of positively destroying dance-floors in to some sort of utopian oblivion. The weak must subside. Shifted’s incredible reduction of ‘S2007’ immediately immerses the listener in to a sub-heavy pulsating landscape. Constantly shifting textural drones and cleverly applied slap-back delays stimulate and induce a trance-like state, leaving the listener with no option but to surrender to the steadfast sound. The delicacy of this composition is testament to Shifted’s engineering ability. Each listen reveals a new layer, seemingly independent whilst contributing to the overall ominous and filmic atmosphere. The piece conforms to the mood of the EP , albeit within a different context.

While some argue the distorted and overdriven tendencies of Techno are becoming saturated, when utilised to such great effect as Witch have managed to do, the argument renders invalid. In Witch’s case these tools are harnessed and exploited to facilitate and expand upon creative intention and asserted aggression. PT/5 is a fitting home for ‘Vent’, a standout release amongst a barbarous sea of Industrial Noise and Techno. If this EP is anything to go by, Witch and PT/5 are definitely on our list of ones to watch.

‘Vent’ is released June 9th on  PT/5. 

Manveer Roda