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V/A – ‘Sound Pellegrino presents SND.PE VOL.02: Crossover Series’ (Sound Pellegrino)

DJ’s Orgasmic and Teki Latex, musical masterminds behind Parisian label Sound Pellegrino, have done it again with their latest release. In their own words, SND.PE VOL.02 sees us doing our best,” and is “built with the hope of seeing new phenomena in the audio landscape.” Bolder words aren’t often spoken but the music does everything it needs to to fulfill the pair’s expectations. Having produced hundreds of mixes, A&R’d 35 releases and 3 EPs, it’s clear these men know what they’re doing and each track you encounter certifies that conclusion.

The German duo of Matthias Zimmermann & SCNTST open the album with gentle snares that develop to deliver an ambient atmosphere to the opening track. ‘Tommy’ welcomes the listener into an enthralling dance-soundscape, booming bass and synthesized chords all serving as preparation for the eclectic range of beats to be encountered throughout the ten track collection. This mix of melodic House and Electro tones gives you all the memorable rhythm of a club banger whilst remaining subtle enough to allow casual dance fans to appreciate its musicality. Crystal & Ikonika then appear on track two, ‘Dream Incubation’, bringing a New Jack Swing anthem that teases you with an old school sound fused with summery synths and bouncy notes that make listening to this in a Cadillac sliding down a Miami broadway the way it should really be enjoyed. The changes in chords throughout the track are in keeping with the progressive nature of the album and the odd metallic note thrown into the fray add to the eclectic scope ‘Dream Incubation’ covers.

Finnish Electro maestro Eero Johannes joins Teki Latex on track three, ‘Things I Do’; starting with a resoundingly echoing beat intersected with sharp stabbing synths. And when the voice kicks in… it’s hard to not immediately start smiling and head bopping to the playful cheekiness. The cool yet eerie voice tells a story that nearly all adolescent ravers relate to.’Things I Do’ stands out not only as a brilliant example of dance song writing but is also an unfolding musical tapestry driven by seemingly random electronic notes that come together perfectly. The mysterious Crackboy and Jean Nipon Right set the tone on ‘Ligne Onze’ from the start, a two stepping bass and trip hoppy beat meet smooth synths and electrified vocals layered over the top, demanding listeners to flail their limbs. The tune is cool and subtle, giving ravers a break from the harder Electro anthems found elsewhere on the disc, but still with enough to raise the heart rate once you’ve patiently meandered through each wave of down beat drums.

The racy rhythms of Dexter and G-Man’s ‘Ur Booty Soft’ are introduced early and another ambient beat begins but it doesn’t take long for the moody mantra to kick in accompanied by sexily soulful drum patterns. Rave culture isn’t known for it’s hip-to-hip grinding and the quickness of the tune certainly doesn’t allow for any slow dancing; however the hedonistic lyrics, delivered in true Southern Rap style, are all you need to let go of your final inhibitions before seeking an appropriate place to land your hands and dance. L-Vis 1990 and American Sinjin Hawke combine on track six, ‘The Pit’, following the last tune with heavy panting from a far away place which stops, before suddenly exploding into a series of crashes intermingled with bouncy chords followed by floaty vocals and electronic rushes. ‘The Pit’ is a classic head banger with a scatty flow that will have the most manic of dancers jolting all around the floor. It’s not hard to imagine DJs smirking confidently before dropping this track, knowing the swift rise of the track from it’s bassy depths to it’s ethereal electronic heights will have the whole dance popping.

French tastemakers Feadz and Orgasmic’s ‘Throw It Up’ is a mellow House banger with a choppy Hip-Hop flow laid over pulsating beats that pick their time perfectly to follow each other up to keep your neck jerking and lip curled. Trigger finger appropriately in the air by this point, the switches in pace throughout the track along with the deep bass and electronic riff guarantee ‘Throw It Up’ status as an international favorite. Expect this one to be remixed a lot! Nicolas Malinowsky and Tommy Kruise switch the vibe on ‘Disstopia’ and it’s dark and strange atmosphere make it hard not to feel like you’ve been planted deep into a Gotham City nightclub. The rattling synths and Trip-Hoppy bass that ensue, coupled with the odd splash and gun shot, creates pictures of a a whirring dirge of limbs and energy. In typically progressive fashion, ‘Disstopia’, enters into a tirade of surging synths and expanding notes that make it a true dream to drop near the end of the night.

Truncate & TWR72 ‘s ‘Frame’ is a classic Housey track led by a warm and teasing piano melody which creeps in early but slyly tells you that it’ll be shaping your skank pretty soon. Afro-beats lead the sound but the track remains electronic and dancey throughout. Playable at both Notting Hill Carnival or a warehouse sweat-pit, ‘Frame’ crescendos into an almost deafening pattern of chords all the while carried by that piano. Finally the drop releases the dancefloor from the music’s orgasmic embrace and those delicate keys return to get the dancers back in the depths of their grooviest moves. A personal favourite for sure.

‘Gmail’ is the closing note of SND.PE VOL.02, produced by Helix and Hrdvsion. They end the album on a deep and entrancing deluge of delightfully harmonic choral vocals punctuated by off-beat bass and the most sumptuous electronic keyboard notes. Progressive as ever, the beat unfolds into a direct and encapsulating bundle of electronic sounds; this track is a masterstroke and appropriately ends an outrageously diverse and exciting ensemble of electronic experiences. The concept behind the album, to bring together such an array of prodigal international talent and channel the creation of music unrestricted by genre, is a feat that Sound Pellegrino’s Teki Latex & Orgasmic should be proud of. Consistently defining themselves with a boundless vision to connect with artists regardless of geographical or sonic borders, they have managed to touch upon almost every relevant movement of dance inspired music today whilst making sure their love for Hip-Hop is stamped on the record. An album to be appreciated by DJs, ravers and new listeners alike, Sound Pellegrino’s stature in the music game has just taken another significant step up. Salute!

‘Sound Pellegrino presents SND.PE VOL.02: Crossover Series’ is out now, buy it here.

Ranako Daley