UMBA - Not Too Young

UMBA – ‘Not Too Young EP’ (B.YRSLF Division)

‘Not Too Young’ is the work of Artur Marcinkowksi, a 22 year old producer from Poland working under the name UMBA. Having previously only released a freebie to the world, his debut proper is a 6 tracker for French label B. YRSLF Division, who continue to put out a mixture of all things bass that extends from classic leaning 808 tracks to forward thinking footwork.

The EP as a whole sounds like a rough cut version of Instra:mental’s ‘Resolution 653’ mixed with parts of the latest Tron soundtrack, with heavy nods to Chicago and Detroit along the way. There are acid patterns aplenty, a whole host of his favoured Roland’s and a good dose of deep punching bass to go with it.

Clearly influenced by current forward-leaning electro names like Instra:mental, UMBA does well to create some of the space station dystopia that make their records so strong. But whereas Instra fleshed out their atmospherics with bold, crisp beats, UMBA, as on the track ‘Acid Rain’, prefers to bring in a flattened, rumbling bassline and old-school acid hooks, taking the track in a more unsettling, retro-tilting direction.

There’s an un-rushed approach to his style that allows each phase to play out to full effect before bringing the next in, the interchange of thumping beats with the deep rollers on ‘Concussion’ serving well to demonstrate UMBA’s eye for timing and making it the strongest offering on the record. The five originals are complimented with a remix of ‘Acid Rain’ by U.T.T.U. aka DJ Haus, who transforms it into a masterful slab of teasing, playful electro that flows with disjointed rhythms and gleefully pops from your speakers.

In all it’s a worthy tribute to the music he obviously has a lot of passion for, and although there’s a way to go before UMBA reaches the craft of his idols, considering this is his first release there are promising signs for the young man here.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Not Too Young’ is out now via B.Yrslf Division.